Mihbond's Near-Death Experience



A few years ago, when I was 11, I had an out-of-body experience. I went to sleep, my dad was already asleep next to me, and I closed my eyes. Then, I just closed my eyes and I didn't think of anything, but I started rising out of my physical body. When I left it I was happy because I left all the problems of the Earth, mental and physical, and nobody could hurt me physically or mentally. 

I knew I could go through the walls. 

I saw a white sun above me, 2 feet above me. The sun was 6 inches thick with rays that were 2 inches thick. I knew that this PURE WHITE Sun was from God the Father. 

I saw the world as in physical form, but it was lit up, illuminated, but not to the point of blinding light. The world was a bit brighter, from That WHITE Sun. I looked at my physical body, and it did not mean anything to me, I was actually scared of it. 

I knew that before I would meet God, I would have to feel all the bad things I had made people feel, every thought and action. Also, I knew I would meet a person who used to live on the Earth, and I knew he would tell me how great the Kingdom of God would be. 

I was rising, slower as a man walking. I started getting afraid because I wasn't rising by my own power, but by someone else's, I was not sure who though. Right then, just before I started to the emotion of being afraid, Jesus Christ said, "Don't be afraid." Then I was happy again. I was rising and being happy, until I suddenly stopped rising, I was getting ready to be confused before I "felt" God the Father say, "No! You are not allowed to go yet, you have a purpose in your life and your father needs you." I knew God meant my dad who was sleeping next to me.

Then, I started rising down, much faster than when I was rising up. I was sad, because I had to go back to all the problems of the Earth. I was back in my physical body. It did not hurt when I left my physical body or when I entered it. 

I was getting ready to be afraid as I never was before in my whole life. I was getting ready to scream to my dad sleeping next to me and for eternity on Earth, because I was so afraid until suddenly, I "felt" God the Father say, "Don't be afraid. Go to sleep." I had to go to sleep. I had to do what God told me. I couldn't imagine not doing what he told me. So, I closed my eyelids and I fell asleep. 

The next morning I felt amazing, I felt energetic, I felt great. As time went by, I asked questions about life, and I instantaneously received answers. Here is what God told me:

1.  Everyone had past lives on Earth. 

2.  If you suffer very much in your life, you have a greater reward for your next life. 

3.  The better person you have been, the greater your reward in your next life. 

4.  When we die, we meet God the Father (A WHITE OVAL SPIRIT) and Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is on the left side, and God the Father on the right side, from our view.

5.  Before we reach Jesus and God, a spirit who kept a record of your life gives that record to God and Jesus. You meet that spirit and he says, "I have been waiting for you". When we meet God and Jesus, Jesus says, "We have been expecting you." Jesus is in his physical body, with a red robe. 

6.  When we pick our next lives, you meet with God the Father only, and we pick our eye color, height, parents, EVERYTHING! But, sometimes, if we haven't been good enough people in our last life, we lose a choice on what we want to be in our next life or what we want to do in our next life. So God picks for us, that is why we have problems on Earth. After you pick your next life, you can ask God if you can be a spirit and wander and fly upon the Earth. He lets you have a certain amount of time. 

7.  The instant a person leaves their physical body, they become automatically good and believe that God is real. 

8.  When we pick our next lives, God lets us know that He is real, and that is when we have our own free-will exercised. 

9.  Sometimes, a person on Earth, when he dies, he becomes a spirit so he can work with another angel helping someone on Earth from a disease or bad situation. This teaches the meaning of brotherhood, working together. 

10.  Good things come out of bad things. Let's say this guy is in a tornado. His family dies, and he has no house, and is sad and angry at life. He may be desperate and pray, and God speaks to him, and that person is now happy because he sees that God is real. His family needed to die and he needed to be sad and angry so he could feel happiness. 

11.  God does miracles in physical form, if you pray to God so a woman feels happiness, God will change the minds of those people who know her to love her. 

12.  We all have guardian angels. When we are faced with a problem, a disease, our guardian angel tells God what is happening, so depending on how good we have been in our last life, God may save or let us leave the Earth. If a girl has an asthma attack, and she has been good enough in her last life, God will help her live. 

13.  After you pick your next life, God tells you EVERYTHING that is going to happen in your life, every action and event and emotion, but you are not sad hearing bad things happen in your life, because you are next to God! If God tells you you are going to give a smile at the age of 82 to a person, but you have a heart attack at the age of 42, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DIE. You can have every disease on Earth, and still not die. You have to give a smile. 

14.  God actions lead to good effects. If you regret what bad things you did with all your heart, you're not going to be held accountable for it. If you want someone to be helped greatly, but that person you try to help gets mad and thinks you only want to hurt them, you will not get blamed for anything. If you want to hurt this person, but instead, you make them happy, you will not get that reward of helping that person. 

15.  There's no such thing as devils. 

16.  It takes 0-4 hours for most spirits to reach God. Really bad spirits take 4-8 hours to reach God. The better person you were, the faster you rise to God to pick your next life. The more bad person you were, the slower you rise to pick your next life. If you have been too bad of a person, you are not allowed to come back on the Earth. 

17.  The Earth is the only place for God to see if you want to go to heaven or hell. 

18.  Sometimes God can forget all the bad things that happen to you, through Jesus Christ. 

That ends there. What I told you God told me himself. No one told me what I wrote here, only God did.

Mihbond  mihbond@ameritech.net 

"From the light we have come and to the light we all shall return." - Josiane Antonette, near-death experiencer

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