Notable Near-Death Experiences

Hands and sun. The near-death experiences (NDEs) listed on this page were selected as "notable" by myself, webmaster Kevin Williams, for various reasons. Mellen-Thomas Benedict, for example, has been called "the encyclopedia of the afterlife" by Deepak Chopra because of knowledge gained from his NDE - one of the most transcendental NDEs ever recorded. Dr. George Ritchie's NDE is so transcendental, it inspired Dr. Raymond Moody to begin his ground-breaking study into NDEs. Carl G. Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist who founded analytical psychology and and developed the concepts of archetypes, the collective unconscious and synchronicity, had an NDE during which he viewed the Earth from outer space and gave a perfect description of it before space travel even existed. He also saw the "avatar" of his physician during his NDE which led him to correctly predict his physician's death. Edgar Cayce made over 14,000 out-of-body journeys into the spirit realm and was able to access virtually unlimited information by visiting the so-called "Akashic Records" (aka the "Temple of Knowledge" described by a large number of NDEs. Pam Reynolds had an NDE during which she saw remarkably detailed out-of-body observations during her surgery which were later verified to be true. Her case is considered to be one of the strongest cases of veridical (i.e., verified) evidence in NDE research because of her ability to describe the unique surgical instruments and procedures used and her ability to describe in detail these events while she was clinically brain dead. All of the other NDEs listed below are notable because they are also transcendental in nature.

Notable NDEs Index
1. Arthur Yensen 12. Elane Durham 23. John Hogue 34. Mellen-Thomas Benedict
2. Betty Bethards 13. Emanuel Swedenborg 24. Josiane Antonette 35. Ned Dougherty
3. Betty Eadie 14. George de Benneville 25. Juliet Nightingale 36. P.M.H. Atwater
4. Brian Krebs 15. George Ritchie 26. Karen Schaeffer 37. Pam Reynolds
5. Carl Jung 16. George Rodonaia 27. Kimberly Clark-Sharp 38. RaNelle Wallace
6. Christian Andreason 17. Gilles Bedard 28. Larry Hagman 39. Reinee Pasarow
7. Daniel Rosenblit 18. Grace Bubulka 29. Laurelynn Martin 40. Ricky Randolph
8. Dannion Brinkley 19. Guenter Wagner 30. Linda Stewart 41. Thomas Sawyer
9. David Oakford 20. Howard Storm 31. Lou Famoso 42. Tiffany Snow
10. Dianne Morrissey 21. Ian McCormack 32. Lynnclaire Dennis 43. Vicki Umipeg
11. Edgar Cayce 22. Jayne Smith 33. Martha St. Claire    

"I’m not asking you to believe anything. I’m simply telling you what I believe. And I have no idea what the next life will be like. Whatever I saw was only from the doorway, so to speak. But it was enough to convince me totally of two things from that moment on: One, that our consciousness does not cease with physical death; that it becomes, in fact, keener and more aware than ever. And secondly, that how we spend our time on earth, the kind of relationships we build, is vastly more important than we can know." - Dr. George Ritchie, M.D., about his NDE from his book, Return From Tomorrow

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