Near-Death Experiences with Deceased Pets and Animals

Pets and animals in heaven.According to many near-death sources, animals have souls and go to heaven just as human beings do. Within the section of this site, you can read the testimonies of people who had an NDE and were reunited with their deceased pets. Here you can discover some amazing facts about your pet and animals in general. After reading these testimonies, you will never look upon your pets or animals in the same way. The testimonies provided here describe animals as having a heaven(s) of their own of which human beings are allowed to visit. They reveal how communication with our deceased pets on the Other Side is by means of mental telepathy.


Throughout history humans have debated whether animals have souls based on the false assumption that animals are somehow inferior to humans. Perhaps the reasoning behind this is due to humans being near the top of the food chain (if not at the top) and are able to kill and eat a wide variety of animal species. For thousands of years, humans have domesticated many animals such as the horse by making them virtual slaves to humans. The Christian Church has throughout history denied animals as having souls perhaps because of the belief that Christ's sacrificial death on the cross applied only to human beings. Otherwise, the Church is presented with the thorny dilemma of whether or not animals have fallen from grace as humans have; and if so, does Christ's redemptive power apply to them as well. And what about life on other planets? Are they redeemed as well? It surprises Christians when I reveal to them all the animals found in heaven in the Book of Revelation. Revelation 4:6-11 describes "four living creatures" immediately surrounding the very Throne of God. In Revelation 5:6-8, Jesus is described as turning into a lamb. Revelation 5:11-14 describes a time when animals are resurrected from the dead and enter heaven. Many ancient religions around the world even hold animals to be divine beings.


Science has also given us a new perspective of the animal kingdom. Evolution reveals how the physical component of our bodies descended from animals. But NDE research reveals how the spiritual component of our bodies descended from the heavens long, long ago. According to NDE researcher and experiencer P.M.H. Atwater:


"Both adults and children occasionally report being greeted on the Other Side by animals, especially if favored pets have previously died. But it is the children who describe an animal heaven, some even insisting that they must go through it before they can reach the heaven where people are. Adult cases can be equally compelling."


The following NDEs involve people being reunited with their beloved deceased pets in heaven.

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