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Nothing Better Than Death
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Book by Kevin Williams (292 pages)
Find out why
there is nothing better on Earth
than being dead.

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NDE Research Conclusions
Main Page Time Telepathy
Pre-Existence Hell Knowledge
Earth Void Temple
Life Tunnel Music
Humanity Orbs Homecoming
Soul / Spirit Heaven Told Not Ready
Religion City of Light Future
Spirituality Realms Astrology
Science God Guides
War Jesus Reincarnation
Death Satan Questions
Out-of-Body Life Review  
Silver Cord Emotions  
Notable NDEs
Main Page Mellen-Thomas
George Ritchie Dianne Morrissey
Howard Storm Jayne Smith
P.M.H. Atwater Vicki Umipeg
Pam Reynolds Dannion Brinkley
Carl Jung Edgar Cayce
George Rodonaia Arthur Yensen
Thomas Sawyer David Oakford
Christian Andreason Ned Dougherty
Lynnclaire Dennis UPDATED Daniel Rosenblit
Betty Eadie Kimberly Sharp
RaNelle Wallace Larry Hagman
Linda Stewart Karen Schaeffer
Guenter Wagner Tiffany Snow
Josiane Antonette Laurelynn Martin
Grace Bubulka E. Swedenborg
Martha St. Claire Elane Durham
Lou Famoso UPDATED  
Scientific Evidence of Survival
Main Page
People have NDEs while Brain Dead
People See Verified Events while Out-of-Body
People Born Blind can See During a NDE
Children have NDEs Similar to Adults
People are Radically Changed by their NDE
Common Aspects of NDEs are Found
Scientific Discoveries come from NDEs
People having NDEs are Absolutely Convinced
Groups of People can Share the Same NDE
Some People were Dead for Several Days
NDEs have Accurately Foreseen the Future
Ancient History is Replete with NDE Reports
Scientific Studies have Validated NDEs
World Religions Originated from NDEs
Science has Validated Out-of-Body Experiences
Quantum Physics can Explain NDEs
Analytical Psychology can Explain NDEs
Hypnotic Regression Verifies NDE Concepts
Dream Research Verifies NDE Concepts
After-Death Visions have been Validated
Synchronicity Statistically Proves the Afterlife
Hypnosis can Induce After-Death Visions
Deathbed Visions Affirm Survival after Death
Out-of-Body Experiences can be Triggered
Scientific Evidence of Reincarnation Exists
Hallucinogens Trigger Out-of-Body States
Credible Reports of Angelic Beings Exists
Apparitions of the Dead have been Recorded
Valid Psychic Contact with the Dead Exists
Governments have Validated Remote Viewing
Some People Retain Pre-Birth Memories
Scientific Evidence of the Paranormal Exists
NDE Symbolism Supports Sacred Geometry
Science has Validated the Efficacy of Prayer
More Evidence ...
Out-of-Body Experiences
Main Page Greg Burkett
Dr. Charles Tart Paul Beecher
Robert Monroe R.B.Y.
Jerry Gross Daniel Eli
OBE Research Mihbond
Astral Projection Lynn Russell
Dr. Kay Jamison Victor Borras
Sharon How to Have an OBE
NDEs and Religion
Main Page Native American
Hindu NDEs Afterlife Beliefs
Muslim NDEs  
NDEs of Buddhists
Main Page Commentary
Book of the Dead Buddhist Beliefs
Lingza Chokyi
NDEs of Jews
Main Page Don Morse
Rene Turner Kabbalah
Beverly Brodsky Jewish Beliefs
Virginia Rivers E. L. (Orthodox)
NDEs of Christians
Main Page David Goines
Howard Pittman Cindy Massey
Richard Eby Carter Mills
Kenneth Hagin E. Tuwagirairmana
Gerard Landry John P.
Liz Dale's research Susan
Don Brubaker Betty Malz
Lorraine Tutmarc Derry Bresee
Valvita Jones David Dawson
Reincarnation and Christianity
Main Page
Reincarnation in the Bible
Reincarnation in Judaism
Reincarnation in early Christianity
Reincarnation in the Church
Reincarnation in Christian history
Resurrection or Reincarnation?
Astrology in the Bible
Timeline of Reincarnation
Past Lives of Jesus Christ
Main Page Buddha
Adam Horus
Melchizedek Krishna
Joseph Mithra
Joshua Cayce material
Paranormal Evidence
Main Page John Edward
George Anderson Sylvia Browne
Betty Bethards Margaret Tweddell
Nora Spurgin Afterlife Descriptions
Ruth Montgomery Talking to the Dead
Frederick Myers How to Have an NDE

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Dreams Psychic Visions
Hallucinogenic Drugs After-Death Visitations
Extreme Stress Astral Projections
Extreme Gravity Rapid Eye Movement
Brain Stimulation Psychomanteum
Extreme Meditation Falling from Heights
Deathbed Visions Orgasms
Shared Death Visions Psychosis
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Main Page
A Critique of the Dying Brain Theory
The Survivalist's Interpretation of NDEs
Why Near-Death Experiences Are Different
How the New Physics is Validating NDEs
Sex, Drugs, NDEs and Quantum Physics
A Theory Accounting for all NDEs
Why the Fear of Death is Irrational
A Critique of "A Divine Revelation of Hell"  NEW
NDEs: Brain Chemistry or Heavenly Vision?
Grieving from the Loss of a Loved One
NDEs and UFOs as Shamanic Initiations
The Scientific Evidence of Astrology
Religious Interpretations of NDEs
The Science of Life From Lynnclaire Dennis' NDE  NEW
NDEs and Suicide
Main Page Will I Go To Hell?
Suicide Classifications Physician-Assisted
Kenneth Ring How to Implement It
Sandra Rogers A Fate Worse Than Death
Angie Fenimore Do We Have the Right?
Nadia McCaffrey Terri Schiavo's Circus
More Suicide NDEs
NDEs of Edgar Cayce
Main Page Astrology
Cayce's NDEs Religion
Biography Book of Revelation
Human Origins His Prophecies
Consciousness Meditation
Earthbound Realm Prayer
Soul Realms Dreams
Spirit Realms
Biblical Support for NDEs
Main Page
NDEs are Not Satanic
NDEs are Biblical
NDEs and Universal Salvation
Christian Doctrines and the NDE
Resurrection and Reincarnation
Bible Fallibility and Literalism
The Mystical Book of Revelation
Jesus and NDEs
Reincarnation Evidence
Main Page Arthur Yensen
Ian Stevenson Jeffrey Keene
Kenneth Ring Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Sawyer Paul Gauguin
Mellen-Benedict Nostradamus
Jeanie Dicus
NDEs and Hallucinogens
Main Page
NDEs Triggered by LSD
Timothy Leary, LSD and NDEs
Karl Jansen and Ketamine NDEs
Are NDEs Merely Hallucinations?
Skeptical Arguments
Main Page
NDEs Should Be Demonstrated Empirically
NDEs are Scientifically Falsifiable
The Only Real Proof is OBE Vision
Self-Awareness is a Brain Function
Nothing Useful is Brought Back
The Existence of God is Unlikely
People Don't Actually Survive Death
Life Outside of the Universe is Unlikely
Debunking the Debunkers
God Is With Us: What NDEs and Other STEs Teach Us About God and Afterlife
An Online Book by Dr. Ken R. Vincent
----- Main Page
----- Dedication
----- Foreword
01 - The Search for God & Afterlife in the Age of Science
02 - Developmental Revelation
03 - Ken's Guide to "Universals" In Religion
04 - Separating the "Super" from the "Natural"
05 - Religious Experience of Jesus and New Research
06 - Resurrection Sightings of Jesus as ADC
07 - Resurrection Sightings of Jesus as ADC: Rejoinder
08 - Religious Experience Research & Universalism
09 - Mystical Religious Experiences &Universalism
10 - The NDE and Christian Universalism
11 - An 18-Century NDE: Dr. George de Benneville
12 - Zoroaster: The First Universalist
13 - Omar Khayyam: Sufi Universalist
14 - Universal Salvation in Hinduism and Its Children
15 - Scientific Investigation of the "Dark Side"
16 - Magic, Deeds & Universalism: Afterlife in Religions
17 - What NDEs & STEs Teach Us About God & Afterlife
18 - Salvation Conspiracy: How Hell Became Eternal
19 - Where Have All the Universalists Gone?
20 - References
21 - About Dr. Ken R. Vincent
22 - Selected Resources
23 - Permissions
24 - Acknowledgements
----- Single Page
----- Download PDF PDF icon.

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