Paranormal Evidence of the Afterlife

Many sacred writings contain stories of prophets who had paranormal abilities such as seeing into the future, communicating with God, performing mental telepathy, and conjuring up spirits from the dead. Modern psychics are no different than these prophets of old. The only difference is that modern psychics can be tested. Psychics such as George Anderson and John Edward, who receive mental images and voices, have been tested by a university study. Both were verified to be accurate in the upper 90 percentile range. Psychics such as Edgar Cayce and Sylvia Browne, perform psychic readings while under the trance of hypnosis. Frederick Myers and A. D. Mattson communicated messages from the Other Side to various mediums around the world. Ruth Montgomery used automatic writing to communicate with Arthur Ford from beyond. Nora Spurgin, as far as I know, is not a psychic. Nevertheless, her insights into the afterlife are profound and well worth examining. Also, below you will find methods of contacting the Other Side yourself. You will see you don't have to be a psychic to contact the beyond.

Paranormal Evidence Index
1. Psychic George Anderson's Afterlife Revelations 7. Psychic Margaret Flavell Tweddell's Afterlife Revelations
2. Psychic Betty Bethards' Near-Death Revelations 8. Various Descriptions of the Afterlife Realms
3. Psychic Ruth Montgomery's Afterlife Revelations 9. How to Talk to the Dead
4. Fredrick W. H. Myers' Afterlife Communications 10. How to Have an Out-of-Body Experience
5. Psychic John Edward's Afterlife Revelations 11. How to Have a Near-Death Experience
6. Psychic Sylvia Browne's Near-Death Revelations    

"[The light] showed me that God is love. By spreading love, you make God stronger. By making God stronger, He can, in return, help you. He told me your love has to be unconditional. That is the only rule he really has." - An anonymous near-death experiencer

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