After-Death Communication Synchronicities
From a Mother to Her Entire Family

  By Kevin Williams 

The following articles are about my family's after-death communications (ADCs) of my beloved mother, Phyllis Scofield, which began two days after her tragic death and continued for several years after. It is my wish that her successful efforts to contact my family, along my detective work in figuring it all out, would benefit other grieving families who are seeking reassurance after such a tragic loss. My mother believed in NDEs and ADCs and was always very proud of my research and website. We enjoyed many hours together watching my vast collection of NDE documentaries of personal survival after death. I know in my heart it is her desire from the "Other Side" that I share these experiences. Before my mother's death in November of 2001, I read many books on the subject of ADCs for many years. ADCs are a phenomenon older than than the days when Jesus appeared to his disciples after his death. History is replete with credible reports of such personal contact from departed loved ones. When unusual events began happening to my family after my mother's death, I knew immediately knew were receiving ADCs from my mother and began documenting them. The following articles document my family's ADCs.

 Table of Contents
1.  An Introduction to After-Death Communications and Synchronicity
2.  My Transition Through Grief of Losing My Mother
3.  The After-Death Visitation With My Mother
4.  A Summary of My Family's After-Death Communications of My Mother
5.  A Brief Timeline of My Family's After-Death Communications
6.  The Full Account of My Family's After-Death Communications
7.  The Odds of My Synchronicity Occurring By Chance
8.  My Psychedelic, Psychotic, Psychic and Spiritual Visions
 My Family Who Was Involved in the After-Death Communications

This photo was taken in July of 1999 by my Dad, Howard Williams, at a family reunion in Montana at my sister's house where my mother used to live.

From left to right:  My mother Phyllis (the angel in purple), Kevin (myself), Sandy (my brother Steve's wife), Steve (my twin bro), Debbie (my sis), Cliff (Deb's husband), Rebecca (my brother Glenn's wife), my little big bro Glenn who was inspired to sing my mother's favorite song which paved the way for my family's after-death communications with our mother.

A Portrait of my Mother and Grandfather in Heaven
Portrait by Angel Fine Art

"Think of stepping on the shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it God's, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in glory and finding it home." - Don Wyrtzen 

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