Near-Death Experiences Involving Reincarnation

  By Kevin Williams

Carl JungThe process involved in near-death experiences is much like the process involved in reincarnation. The experiencer leaves their body, enters the spirit world for a time, then returns to the physical world. The exception is that the near-death experiencer enters the same body it left and not a new body (i.e., fetus). The process that a near-death experiencer undergoes in returning to the physical world can even cause near-death experiencers to believe they are returning to a new body (i.e., reincarnation) rather than the body it left - as was the case with Mellen-Thomas Benedict. The belief in reincarnation is one of the oldest religious beliefs - most from the East. The earliest recorded NDE in western civilization comes from the great Greek philosopher Plato around 380 BC who wrote about an NDE involving a soldier by the name of Er. You can read about this astonishing NDE from the link provided below. Er's NDE provides an excellent revelation about the role reincarnation plays in the divine justice ("karma") and the immortality of the soul. Another interesting NDE involving reincarnation comes from the great Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. During his NDE, he met the "higher self" of his doctor/friend who was living at the time and realized he was the "avatar" and reincarnation of the ancient ruler of Kos - the Greek island where the physician Hippocrates (the "Father" of Western Medicine) was born. It seems only fitting that Carl Jung, the father of analytical psychology, would be associated with such a person of antiquity. As with all NDEs where living people are encountered, it is the "higher self" of the living avatar that is encountered. NDEs are now bringing spiritual knowledge that was once considered "secret teachings" at the dawn of Western Civilization and which has been accepted as spiritual truth in Eastern Civilization for thousands of years.

NDEs Involving Reincarnation Index
1. Arthur Yensen's NDE 9. Jeanie Dicus' NDE
2. Betty Bethards' NDE 10. Karen Brannon's NDE
3. Carl Jung's NDE 11. Mellen-Thomas Benedict's NDE
4. Cecil's Childhood NDE 12. Plato's Er NDE
5. Christian Andréason's NDE 13. P.M.H. Atwater's NDE
6. David Oakford's NDE 14. Sandra Rogers' NDE
7. Donna Gatti's NDE 15. Sylvia Browne's NDE
8. Edgar Cayce's NDEs 16. Thomas Sawyer's NDE

"We are to live on Earth in such a way that we will not need to return to Earth after death." Cecil, a near-death experiencer

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