Near-Death Experience Related Documentaries

By Kevin Williams


Besides all the excellent NDE documentary videos on the market, there are some excellent metaphysical documentary videos that are worthy of viewing. The topics include: angel encounters, reincarnation evidence, after-death communications, the dream world connection to the afterlife, ghost phenomenon, UFOs, Nostradamus prophecies, Edgar Cayce video series, Deepak Chopra video series, Joseph Campbell's mythology research, metaphysical and scientific investigations into consciousness, and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. These are all excellent videos and can even help you understand near-death experiences better. If you know of any other videos that you feel should appear on this list, just let me know.

IN ANOTHER LIFE: Reincarnation in America - This video is an overview of how Americans have been encountering reincarnation: scientific research; young children speaking of their past lives; personal experiences including past-life memory "flashbacks", experiences in workshops and past-life therapy, and the introduction of Eastern teachings. This video includes the powerful testimony of Jeffrey Keene who provides strong evidence of a past life.

THE SECRET WORLD OF DREAMS - How can dream images and messages affect people in "the waking world"? This remarkable documentary, hosted by Stefanie Powers, shows you real stories of people whose lives were saved by dream warnings, who communicated with the dead. Included is the account of Claire Sylvia whose dream experience is one of the most amazing experiences ever documented in dream research.

ANGEL STORIES - This two-volume set presents interviews with people who tell of their amazing and true encounters with our heavenly hosts. Angels are no longer merely subjects of ancient scripture. More and more, they seem to be visiting us in modern times. This video may change your perception of angelic beings and their important role in society throughout the ages.

BIOGRAPHY: Edgar Cayce - A&E profiles the life of a man who achieved worldwide fame for being the best-documented NDEr of all time. See how he foresaw many of the world's important events and diagnosed the illnesses of people sometimes thousands of miles away. See why the American Medical Association called him the "father of holistic medicine". Spiritualists and cynics examine his gift and career.

THE DREAMING MIND - Learn how to start appreciating and understanding the dream wisdom of your soul-mind. This video explains the fascinating realms of telepathic dreaming. Discover how your dreams are sometimes mind-to-mind communication with deceased loved ones and friends.

MEDITATION MADE EASY - Begin meditating today with this natural method that has helped thousands to a better life. Lynn Sparrow offers techniques to help focus your mind. Learn how meditation can be a powerful tool for making decisions and attaining enlightenment.

ANGELS: Beyond the Light - This video attempts to answer the questions: Do angels exist? If they do, what are they? It features interviews with a number of people who discuss how their lives were touched by the presence and intervention of spiritual messengers sent by God.

STRICTLY SUPERNATURAL: Astrology - This video takes you on a journey of learning the astrological signs and its history. This video is very good for those who want to start learning about astrology. It includes several interviews with professional astrologers.

EDGAR CAYCE ON REINCARNATION - Cayce scholar John Van Auken uses the Cayce readings to provide excellent insights into reincarnation. He delivers these concepts with eye-opening visuals and fascinating examples, clarifying even the most difficult ideas. His presentation includes karma, soul groups, soul mates, and more.

HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR PAST LIVES - This video shows procedures how your family and friends, your birthplace, your dreams, even your furniture offer clues to revealing your past lives. Recognize places, cultures, and historical periods; use meditation to enhance past-life recall; and meet the challenges of life in practical ways.

FACING DEATH - This video provides physical, emotional and spiritual comfort to people who are facing the death of a loved one. This is also a good resource for the caregivers of someone who is making the transition. It provides very specific and direct advice, information and support. Often, caregivers, friends, and family feel at loose ends in these situations. This video provides a solid set of coping mechanisms for everyone concerned.

AWAKEN YOUR SEVEN SPIRITUAL CENTERS - This video will teach you about the human body's chakras based on the Cayce readings and eastern mysticism. Learn insights concerning the chakras, the kundalini force, the endocrine glands, and how they connect to various colors, notes of the scale, healing, and psychic perception. Learn how your higher consciousness manifests in your life.

ANGELS: Mysterious Messengers - Patty Duke joins in on this magnificent journey of real-life experiences and stories of angels. The history of modern-day angels, the purpose of angels, and the messages angels send are all examined and explored here in this enlightening program.

PAST LIVES - Cayce scholar John Van Auken teaches how this ancient concept of rebirth is a key for understanding our modern-day, personal relationships. In Program two, Cayce scholar Kevin Todeschi explores the mystery of the "akashic" (soul) record. Find out how you can access this information about your soul and its distant past.

BEYOND THE GRAVE: The Afterlife - This video goes deep into the past and probes the human soul by exploring reincarnation as it has been known throughout history. Trace the strange case of the discovery of a skeleton in the mid-800s that sparked renewed debate about reincarnation.

RECOVERING THE SOUL - An exploration at the crossroads of mysticism, religion and physics, which challenges modern Western ideas with an alternative view of human consciousness, and theory of mind independent of physical matter.

MIRACLES AND OTHER WONDERS - In Volume 1: a deceased father communicates to his child from beyond the grave; a man answers a plea for help issued over a CB radio that does not exist; a rancher's dream directs him to a lost boy; a weeping picture of Jesus aids in curing a boy of leukemia. In Volume 2: a mysterious phone call helps a man find his injured, dying daughter; a young victim of a drive-by shooting returns to save the life of a friend; an apparition of their dog saves a family from a car accident. Volume 4: Description unavailable.

TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD - This two-volume set explores the ancient Buddhist scriptures whose history and contents make it one of the world's greatest books. The parallels between the Buddhist concept of death and the near-death experience is remarkable. This video also provides a very interesting animation of the Buddhist concept of the near-death experience.

THE STORY OF REVELATION - Explore a spiritual interpretation of the Book of Revelation based on the Cayce material. This video shows how this part of the Bible provides a symbolic guideline for the spiritual awakening of the writer (John), the reader (you), the entire world civilization, and the progression of all spirit realms back toward its Source.

EDGAR CAYCE'S READINGS ON CD-ROM - The entire subconscious readings of Edgar Cayce is now available on your own computer and at your fingertips. This Windows driven program includes a searchable database for making many different kinds of keyword searches and queries. For the price of $99, a person can now access the Universal Mind through Cayce's connection to find the answers to the profound questions of life.

"Near-death experiences teach us that unconditional love is the highest form of religion there is." - Kevin Williams

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