Nothing Better Than Death: Insights from Sixty-Two NDEs

Nothing Better Than Death is a comprehensive analysis of the near-death experiences profiled on this website. This book provides complete NDE testimonials, summaries of various NDEs, NDE research conclusions, a question and answer section, an analysis of NDEs and Christian doctrines, famous quotations about life and death, an NDE bibliography, book notes, a list of NDE resources on the Internet, and a list of NDE support groups associated with - the International Association for Near-Death Studies.

The unusual title of this book, "Nothing Better Than Death," was inspired by NDE experiencer Dr. Dianne Morrissey who once said, "If I lived a billion years more, in my body or yours, there's not a single experience on Earth that could ever be as good as being dead. Nothing."

Having read every NDE book I could get my hands on, I didn't want to create just another NDE book. My motivation was to give readers a large variety of information about NDEs challenging both the seasoned NDE enthusiast as well as the novice. This book gives readers the means to understand the NDE phenomenon from the perspective of a large number of some of the most profound NDEs ever documented. My hope is that you will enjoy this book, my labor of love, and that you will be truly blessed by the heavenly insights within it.

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Reviews of "Nothing Better Than Death"

  MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW - OUTSTANDING! - By Shirley Priscilla Johnson
How does one begin to review a book such as this? We all have been touched in one way or another by the loss of someone we have loved and was dear to us. When I received this book for review I ravished it from cover to cover, however it has taken me several weeks to begin to write for you what I have found within it's covers. The author takes a look at sixty-two near-death experiences and shares them with the reader. They range in topics from God, Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation and Suicide, to name a few. What did I feel as I read these experiences? Oh dear reader, such a mixture of emotions that it is hard for me to express them to you. Joy, sadness, fear and hope are just a few that raced through my being as I devoured this work. Are these true? Did our brethren of this human race truly see into the next world? What awaits each one of us as we walk through that portal? Does it really matter what faith we are or how good or bad we are in this life? That is for you to decide! I believe I already know that answer! To me this book was one that only affirmed my belief in a far better world than I am in now. I smile with anticipation at the thought of seeing my Savior and my loved ones on the day of my departure from this earth. Death is something we will all face. You can't buy your way out of it or talk your way out of it. This book, in my opinion will help to ease your fears and may just make you a little jealous of those who have already made this wonderful journey. Highly recommended!

Kevin's helping us all evolve - By Onlyloveendures
... through his research and compilation of these amazing journeys humanity is becoming open to all the possibilities, shedding the illusion of chains that have kept us in fear and from knowing our true selves.

Great source for information - By A Customer
I enjoyed Mr. Williams book because it contains information about several near death experiences and expresses the insights the author has gained from studying them. This is a great book for the person who wants to learn more about the NDE because it allows the reader an opportunity to fashion their own opinion about the phenomena from the viewpoints of many, instead of just one person. Thank You Kevin!

Great book for people of all religions with an open mind - By Hadar Shapir "Philosopher"
Excellent book! I absolutely loved it. My favorite part was the end of the book. Kevin takes his considerable expertise in Christianity and the bible and shows how the god of the near death experience is the god of the bible. He also shows how the bible contains ideas such as universal redemption (everyone goes to heaven) (Jesus did die for everyone's sins for all time). Also how the bible contains the idea of reincarnation with Elijah the prophet returning as John the Baptist. But the best part of the book is the constant emphasis on unconditional unselfish love. I really recommend Jon Peniel's book "The Lost Teachings of Atlantis" to those who like this book. Kevin's book really awakened me in many ways and I felt more loving than I had in a long time after reading it. Go Get this book! You won't regret it!

The feelings evoked from this book will speak for the truth of its content - By Alex
You could read these reviews and make a decision based on them on whether the book is good or bad. Or you could pick it up, read it, and discover deep within yourself, that what is said makes is the truth, and more importantly that it makes sense and makes you feel good. I believe the Bible says, when something feels good, it is the Holy Spirit working within you to reveal the truth. I couldn't stop reading this book. I stopped doing everything else and felt a need and utter attraction to the words of this book. I smiled, laughed, and gaped with my mouth hanging open throughout the book. I felt good inside, and for the first time, I can can believe, because what is written, makes absolute sense. For we knew everything before we came to this world, and we will know everything again when we leave it. Subconsciously, deep down, that knowledge is still there, and it is at times like this, when you read a book like this, that you feel the joy and excitement when you know that what you are reading is the truth, you just know. This book, or at least, the ideas and message of this book, may be humanity's single most important piece of writing since mankind started writing and reading. I encourage you strongly, to pick it up, read it, and may you come to the realization that Life is God, Love is God, and everything that exists is God. And that Death is no different than when we wake up from our dreams and into what we call "reality" or than when we fall asleep and leave "reality" and awaken in the dream world.


"Why are we here?" To learn. "What's the purpose of our life?" To love. "I felt as if I was re-remembering things I had once known but somehow forgotten, and it seemed incredible that I had not figured out these things before now." - Kimberly Clark Sharp, near-death experiencer

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