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Editorials  8 pages
Interview with Webmaster Kevin Williams
Sex, Drugs, NDEs and Quantum Physics
It's Time For Volunteer "Flatliner" Near-Death Experiments!
Why Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" Movie Helps Al-Quida
Why We Should Love Osama Bin Laden
Why God Doesn't Know the Future
Why the Fear of Death Is Irrational
Grief and Loss from the NDE Perspective
NDE Ebooks  14 pages
God Is With Us All - By Ken R. Vincent.pdf
The Sscience of Life from an NDE - By Lynnclaire Dennis.pdf
Does the Arousal System Contribute to NDEs - By Kevin Nelson.pdf
Evidence of Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy Through Coincidence and Synchronicity.pdf
The Day I Died (Film Review).pdf
NDEs, Religions and the World Beyond.pdf
Afterwords (sampler) - By Dave Morgan.pdf
Science and the Near-Death Experience - By Kevin Williams.pdf
Mediumship and Survival.pdf
Scientific Evidence Supporting NDEs and the Afterlife - By Kevin Williams.pdf
Survival: Body, Mind and Death.pdf
Five Wishes Living Will Form.pdf
Useful Websites on the Internet.pdf
Press Releases  4 pages
Elsevier Publishes an Academic/Scientific Textbook About a New Mathematical Discovery Found In a Near-Death Experience
A Mathematical Discovery Found in a Near-Death Experience - By Lynnclaire Dennis.pdf
The Book "Nothing Better Than Death" Published.pdf
New Website and Book Reveals Secrets of Near-Death Experiences |
Articles by P.M.H. Atwater
P.M.H. Atwater  3 pages
PMH Atwater Press Kit.pdf
Book of Columns.pdf
The Challenge of September 11.pdf
Science and the NDE  11 pages
Near-Death Experience Article Directory
Scientific Evidence Supporting Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
International Association For Near-Death Studies Site Directory
Near-Death Experience Research Conclusions
Near-Death Experience Experts
P.M.H. Atwater's Near-Death Experience Research
Skepticism and Near-Death Experiences
Hallucinations and Near-Death Experiences
Dr. T. Lee Baumann's Near-Death and Physics Research
Scientific Theories of the Near-Death Experience
Near-Death Experiences and Quantum Mechanics (For Slideshow)
NDE Research Conclusions  34 pages
Time and the Near-Death Experience
Telepathy and the Near-Dear-Death Experience
Pre-Existence and the Near-Death Experience
Hell and the Near-Death Experience
Forgotten Knowledge and the Near-Death Experience
Earth and the Near-Death Experience
The Void and the Near-Death Experience
The Temple of Knowledge and the Near-Death Experience
Life and the Near-Death Experience
The Tunnel and the Near-Death Experience
Music and the Near-Death Experience
Humanity and the Near-Death Experience
Orbs and the Near-Death Experience
Homecoming and the Near-Death Experience
Soul, Spirit and the Near-Death Experience
Heaven and the Near-Death Experience
Being Told You're Not Ready To Die and the Near-Death Experience
Religion and the Near-Death Experiences
The City of Light and the Near-Death Experience
The Future and the Near-Death Experience
Spirituality and the Near-Death Experience
Afterlife Realms and the Near-Death Experience
Science and the Near-Death Experience
God and the Near-Death Experience
Spirit Guides and the Near-Death Experience
War, Evil and the Near-Dath Experience
Jesus Christ and the Near-Death Experience
Reincarnation and the Near-Death Experience
Death and the Near-Death Experience
Satan and the Near-Death Experience
Out-of-Body Experiences and the Near-Death Experience
The Life Review and the Near-Death Experience
The Silver Cord and the Near-Death Experience
Intense Emotions and the Near-Death Experience
Afterlife Evidence  12 pages
People Born Blind Can See During a Near-Death Experience
People Have Near-Death Experiences While Brain Dead
Some People Received Visions of the Future Which Later Came True
Some People Were Dead For Several Days
Near-Death Experiences Have Been Known Throughout History
People are Dramatically Changed by Near-Death Experiences
People See Verified Events While Out-Of-Body
Children Have Near-Death Experiences Similar To Adults
People Who Have NDEs are Convinced It Was the Afterlife
Common Elements are Found in Near-Death Experiences
People Can Experience Someone Else's Near-Death Experience
Scientific Discoveries Come From Near-Death Experiences
NDE Articles  14 pages
A Critique of Mary Baxter's Book "A Divine Revelation of Hell"
The Science of Life Discovered From Lynnclaire Dennis' Near-Death Experience
Dr. Richard Eby's Near-Death Experience and the Second Coming of Christ
Near-Death Experiences: Brain Physiology or Transcendental Consciousness? Or Both?
How the New Physics is Validating Near-Death Concepts by C. D. Rollins
A Critique of Susan Blackmore's Dying Brain Hypothesis by Greg Stone
Near-Death and UFO Encounters as Shamanic Initiations by Dr. Kenneth Ring
Another Look at Beings Encountered During the Near-Death Experience
Religious Interpretations of Near-Death Experiences by Dr. David San Filippo
A Theory Accounting for the Occurrence of All NDEs by John F. Newport
Lessons From Near-Death Experiences About the Fourth Dimension
Soulmates and Consciousness: New Understanding from NDE Research
The Survivalist Interpretation of Recent Studies into the NDE by Titus Rivas
Why Near-Death Experiences Are Different by Kevin Williams
NDE Experts  13 pages
Dr. Raymond Moody's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Kenneth Ring's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Melvin Morse's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Susan Blackmore's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Jeffrey and Jody Long's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Barbara Rommer's Negative Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. P.M.H. Atwater's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Harold Widdison and Dr. Craig Lundahl's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Michael Sabom's Near-Death Experience Research
Barbara Harris Whitfield's Near-Death Experience
Nora Spurgin's Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. John Jay Harper's Near-Death Experience Research
Hallucinations and the NDE  7 pages
Why Near-Death Experiences Are Not Hallucinations
Joseph Kerrick's LSD Near-Death Experience
Timothy Leary, LSD and Near-Death Experiences
Albert Hints' Ecstasy Near-Death Experience
Karl Jansen, Ketamine and Near-Death Experiences
MaryJane Escobar's Drug Triggered Near-Death Experience
Naina's LSD Near-Death Experience
Skepticism and the NDE  9 pages
Skeptical Argument: NDEs Should Be Demonstrated Empirically
Skeptical Argument: The Existence of God is Unlikely
Skeptical Argument: NDEs Are Scientifically Falsifiable
Skeptical Argument: People Don't Actually Survive Death
Skeptical Argument: The Only Real Proof is Out-of-Body Veridical Perception
Skeptical Argument: Life Outside the Universe Is Unlikely
Skeptical Argument: Self-Awareness Is Just a Brain Function
Debunking the Pseudoskeptics of Near-Death Experiences
Skeptical Argument: Nothing Useful Comes From Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experiences and Out-of-Body Experiences  13 pages
Notable Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experience Triggers
Archive of Near-Death Experiences
Out-of-Body Experiences
Near-Death Experiences and Suicide
Near-Death Experiences with Deceased Pets and Animals
Near-Death Experiences of the Hollywood Rich and Famous
Archetypal Near-Death Experiences
Native American Black Elk's Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experiences of Gays and Lesbians
Near-Death Experiences of Children
Near-Death Experiences of Groups of People
Dr. Carol Zaleski's Research of Medieval Near-Death Experiences
Notable NDEs  28 pages
Dr. George Ritchie's Near-Death Experience
Dr. Dianne Morrissey's Near-Death Experience
Reverend Howard Storm's Near-Death Experience
Jayne Smith's Near-Death Experience
Carl G. Jung's Near-Death Experience
David Oakford's Near-Death Experience
Christian Andreason's Near-Death Experience
Ned Dougherty's Near-Death Experience and His Visions of the Future
Lynnclaire Dennis' Near-Death Experience
Daniel Rosenblit's Near-Death Experience
Betty Eadie's Near-Death Experience
Kimberly Clark-Sharp's Near-Death Experience
RaNelle Wallace's Near-Death Experience
Linda Stewart's Near-Death Experience
Karen Schaeffer's Near-Death Experience
Guenter Wagner's Near-Death Experience
Tiffany Snow's Near-Death Experience
Josiane Antonette's Near-Death Experience
Laurelynn Martin's Near-Death Experience
Grace Bubulka-Hatmaker's Near-Death Experience
Martha Anne St. Claire's Near-Death Experience
Elaine Durham's Near-Death Experience
Lou Famoso's Near-Death Experience
Reinee Pasarow's Near-Death Experiece
Brian Krebs' Near-Death Experience
Ricky Randolph's Near-Death Experience
Reverend Juliet Nightingale's Near-Death Experience
Ian McCormack's Near-Death Experience
Triggers of NDEs  22 pages
The Trigger of Drugs: Larry Hagman's Near-Death Experiences
The Trigger of Psychic Visions: Emanuel Swedenborg's Near-Death Experiences
The Trigger of Psychosis: Dr. Kay Jamison's Near-Death-Like Experience
The Trigger of Orgasms: Margaret Birkin's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Astral Projection: Sylvan Muldoon's Research
The Trigger of After-Death Communications: Bill and Judy Guggenheim's Research
The Trigger of Shared Death Experiences: Dr. Raymond Moody's Research
The Trigger of Extreme Gravity: Dr. James Winnery's NDE Research
The Trigger of Brain Stimulation: Dr. Bruce Greyson's Near-Death Experience Research
The Trigger of Psychomanteum: Dr. Raymond Moody's Psychomanteum Research
The Trigger of Seizure: Lisa's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Extreme Meditation: Joni Maggi's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Eye-Movement Desensitization: Dr. Allan Botkin's EMDR Research
The Trigger of Deathbed Visions: Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon's Research
The Trigger of Extreme Stress: Melanie's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Coma: Derry Bresee's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Falling from Great Heights - Norman Paulsen's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Death: John Star's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Hypnosis: Palden Jenkins' Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Surgical Procedures: Janet's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Dreams: Ray Meir's Near-Death Experience
The Trigger of Out-of-Body Experiences: Robert Monroe's Out-of-Body Experience Research
NDE Group Experiences  4 pages
A Group of Firefighters Near-Death Experience
Steven Ridenhour and His Girlfriend's Group NDE
Four Hospital Patients Group Near-Death Experiences
May Eulitt's and Her Two Companions Group NDE
Out-of-Body Experiences  10 pages
Dr. Charles Tart's Study of Verified Perception in Out-of-Body Experiences
Jerry Gross' Out-of-Body Experience Research
Sandy Lemke's Out-of-Body Experience
Greg Burkett's Out-of-Body Experience
Paul Beecher's Out-of-Body Experience
R.B.Y.'s Out-of-Body Experience
Mihbond's Out-of-Body's Experience
Lynn Russell's Out-of-Body Experience and NDE Research
Victor Borras' Out-of-Body Experience
Sharon's Out-of-Body Experience
NDEs With Pets  4 pages
Susan's Near-Death Experience
Jan Price's Near-Death Experience with Her Pet Dog
Lynn's Near-Death Experiences with Her Pet Dog
Grace's Near-Death Experience with Her Pet Dog
Suicide and NDEs  21 pages
Sandra Rogers' Suicide Near-Death Experience
The Three Classifications of Suicide Near-Death Experiences
Angie Fenimore's Suicide Near-Death Experience
Dr. Ken Ring's Suicide Near-Death Experience Research
Nadia McCaffrey's Near-Death Experiences
Dr. Peter Fenwick's Suicide Near-Death Experience Research
Asher Elmekiess' Suicide Near-Death Experience
Various Near-Death Experience Research on Suicide
Benjamin's Suicide Near-Death Experience
Four Tips for Loved Ones of Those with Bipolar Disorder
Cree Dean's Suicide Near-Death Experience
Do We Have the Right to Die?
Dalyrada's Suicide Near-Death Experience
Will I Go To Hell If I Kill Myself?
Roberta Misikin's Suicide Near-Death Experience
The Case For Voluntary Physican Assisted Suicide
Rod Cooley's Suicide Near-Death Experience
The Vegetative State: A Fate Worse Than Death
Steve's Suicide Near-Death Experience
How Society Can Implement Voluntary Physician Euthanasia
The Terri Schiavo's Media Circus
Paranormal and the NDE  16 pages
Edgar Cayce, Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
After-Death Communication Synchronicities From a Mother to Her Entire Family
Can You See the Ghost Face in the Photo?
How To Have A Near-Death Experience
Deathbed Visions Research of Dr. Carla Wills-Brandon
Dreams, Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife
Ghosts of Flight 401
Angels, NDEs and the Afterlife
Psychics and Near-Death Experience Afterlife Revelations
How To Have an Out-of-Body Experience
After-Death Communications Research
How To Talk To The Dead
Astrology, Near-Death Experiences and the Paranormal
Roy Mills and His Memories of Pre-Existence
Sacred Geometry, Mandalas, and Near-Death Experiences
Various Descriptions of the Afterlife Realms
Astrology and the NDE  4 pages
Astrology and the Near-Death Experience
Edgar Cayce on Astrology
The Scientific Evidence Suggestive of Astrology
Astrology in the Bible
Edgar Cayce and the NDE  13 pages
Edgar Cayce's Near-Death Experiences
Edgar Cayce on the Book of Revelation
Edgar Cayce Prophecies: Past, Present and Future
Edgar Cayce on Prayer
Edgar Cayce on Meditation
Harvey Green's Research of Edgar Cayce on Soul Realms
Biography of Edgar Cayce
Harvey Green's Research of Edgar Cayce on Spirit Realms
Edgar Cayce on Human Origins
John Van Auken's Research of Edgar Cayce on Consciousness
Edgar Cayce on Religion
Harvey Green's Research of Edgar Cayce on Afterlife Realms
John Van Auken's Research of Edgar Cayce on Soul and Spirit
After-Death Communications Through Synchronicity  8 pages
My Psychedelic, Psychotic, Psychic and Spiritual Visions
An Introduction To After-Death Communications and Synchronicity
A Brief Timeline of My Family's After-Death Communications
A Summary of My Family's After-Death Communications of Our Mother
The After-Death Visitation With My Mother
My Transition Through Grief of Losing My Mother
The Full Account of My Family's After-Death Communications of Our Mother
The Odds of My ADC Synchronicity Occurring By Chance
Psychics and the NDE  7 pages
Psychic Margaret Flavell Tweddell's Afterlife Revelations
Psychic Betty Bethards' Near-Death Experience Revelations
Psychic Sylvia Browne's Near-Death Experience Revelations
Psychic George Anderson's Afterlife Revelations
Psychic Ruth Montgomery's Afterlife Revelations
Fredrick W. H. Myers' Afterlife Communications
Psychic John Edward's Afterlife Revelations
After-Death Communications  5 pages
After-Death Communications Research of Bill and Judy Guggenheim
Ella Day's Daughter's After-Death Communications
George's After-Death Communications
Linda Robinson's NDE and After-Death Communications
Tina Andersen's After-Death Communication
Dreams and the NDE  11 pages
Edgar Cayce on Dreams
Darlene Holman's Dream Near-Death Experience
William Harris' Dream Near-Death Experience
J. A.'s Dream Near-Death Experience
Ken Merriman's Dream Near-Death Experience
Nick Gabaly's Dream Near-Death Experience
Norma H.'s Dream Near-Death Experience
Peter Little's Dream Near-Death Experiences
Skrzynski's Dream Near-Death Experience
Dream Symbols
Dana's Dream Premonitions
Dream Symbols  14 pages
Animals -- Dream Symbols
Birds -- Dream Symbols
Buildings -- Dream Symbols
Clothing -- Dream Symbols
Colors -- Dream Symbols
Flowers -- Dream Symbols
Household -- Dream Symbols
Miscellaneous -- Dream Symbols
Nature -- Dream Symbols
Numbers -- Dream Symbols
Situations -- Dream Symbols
Body -- Dream Symbols
Trees -- Dream Symbols
Vehicles -- Dream Symbols
Religion and the NDE  8 pages
Biblical Support for Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experiences and Christianity
Near-Death Experiences and Judaism
Near-Death Experiences and Buddhism
Near-Death Experiences and Hinduism
Near-Death Experiences and Islam
Near-Death Experiences of Atheists
God Is With Us: What Near-Death and Other Spiritually Transformative Experiences Teach Us About God and Afterlife - by Dr. Ken R. Vincent
Buddhism and the NDE  4 pages
The Tibetan Book of the Dead and Near-Death Experiences
Tibetan Buddhist Lingza Chokyi's Near-Death Experience
Buddhist Afterlife Beliefs
Kevin Williams' Commentary on Tibetan Buddhism and NDEs
Judaism and the NDE  7 pages
The Mystical Vision of Kabbalah
Virginia Rivers' Near-Death Experience
Dr. Rene Turner's Near-Death Experience
Dr. Don Morse's Near-Death Experience
The Near-Death Experience of an Orthodox Jew
Beverly Brodsky's Near-Death Experience
A Brief Survey of the Afterlife Beliefs in Judaism
Biblical Support For The NDE  4 pages
Fallibility of the Bible
Christian Doctrines and Near-Death Experiences
Near-Death Experiences Are Biblical
Near-Death Experiences Are Not Satanic
Atheism and the NDE  1 page
An Analysis of the Near-Death Experiences of Atheists
Christianity and the NDE  13 pages
Reverend Howard Pittman's Near-Death Experience
Berkley Carter Mills' Near-Death Experience
Reverend Kenneth Hagin's Near-Death Experience
Emanuel Tuwagirairmana's Near-Death Experience
David Goines' Near-Death Experience
John P.'s Near-Death Experience
Dr. Gerard Landry's Near-Death Experience
Don Brubaker's Near-Death Experience
Betty Malz's Near-Death Experience
Lorraine Tutmarc's Near-Death Experience
David Dawson's Near-Death Experience
Valvita Jones' Near-Death Experience
Cindy Massey's Near-Death Experience
Reincarnation and the NDE  3 pages
Resurrection as the Lost Christian Doctrine of Reincarnation
The Past Lives of Jesus Christ
Near-Death Experiences Involving Reincarnation
NDEs Involving Reincarnation  5 pages
Mellen-Thomas Benedict's Near-Death Experience
Arthur Yensen's Near-Death Experience
Thomas Sawyer's Near-Death Experience
Jeanie Dicus' Near-Death Experience
Karen Brannon
Reincarnation in History  8 pages
Reincarnation in the Bible
Reincarnation in Early Church History
Reincarnation In Early Christianity
Reincarnation In Judaism
Resurrection and Reincarnation
Timeline of Reincarnation
The Gospel of Mary Magdalene and Her Near-Death Experience
Reincarnation in Christian History
Reincarnation Research  3 pages
Dr. Ian Stevenson's Reincarnation Research
Dr. Ken Ring's Reincarnation and Near-Death Experience Research
Dr. Michael Newton's Journey of Souls Research
Cases of Reinvcarnation  7 pages
Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy: Evidence of Reincarnation Through Synchronicity and Coincidence
John Hogue as the Reincarnation of Nostradamus
Peter Teekamp as the Reincarnation of Artist Paul Gauguin
The Reincarnation of General John B. Gordon and Fire Chief Jeffrey Keene
A Clip of the Zapruder Film the Moment Kennedy is Shot
An Astrological Comparison Between Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy
The Reincarnations of Artist Paul Gauguin and His Wife Mette-Sophie
Past Lives of Jesus  9 pages
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Adam
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Melchizedek
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Joseph
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Joshua
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Buddha
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Horus
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Krishna
Jesus Christ as the Reincarnation of Mithra
Edgar Cayce on the Reincarnation Past Lives of Jesus Christ
NDE Archives
NDEs  107 pages
Deborah Fourtner
Jeremy Andrews
Rose A.
Deborah Walker
Jessica Carde
Michale Carey
Allison Orton
Jessica Jaramillo
Michelle Dillon
Amy Waller
Dee Rohe
Michelle Richardson
Diego Valencia
Karen Floyd
M.L. Gordon
Sharon Wood
Anne Horne
Kathleen Young
Morgana Taylor
Sherry Gideon
Anthony Sammarco
Donna Anzaldi
Aretha Stevens
Doris Wheeler
Kurt Hilden
Mr. Thermal
Sixwings and Sixwings11
Audrey Davis
Kurt Kawohl
Mrs. Walters
Skip Church
Barbara Marie
Neil Primrose
Stanley Villavicencio
Barbara Springer
George Lennox
Lauren Zimmerman
Stephen Smith
Beth Hammond
Pam Barrett
Bruce Budden
Lion Goodman
Pam Coupe
Bruce Gooch
Harry Hone
Lisa Marie
Pamela Anderson
Caroline Sharp
Heather Sloan
Malcolm Gilbert
Tina Spearing
Carrie Sandberg
Ida Acosta
Marilyn Gibson
Paul Carr
Vicki Moyer
Jack Marcellous Ward
Dr.Martin Brofman
Peace Pilgrim
Virgus Norman
Chris Taylor
James Browning
Martin Goldberg
Ray Meir
Wayne Wilson
Darren Corlett
James T.
Robert Coleman
W Knorr
Dave Nelson
Jeana Bettencourt
Mary Ellen
Robert Tamer
David House
Jean Harmon
Matthew Dovel
Robert Young
Dayne Mohlin
Jeanne Ciampa
Roger Pattee
False NDEs  3 pages
Bernada Fernandez
A Fake Near-Death Experience Attributed To John Bunyan
"A Dad's (Fake) Story" of His Child's Near-Death Experience
NDEs By Meditation  2 pages
Anthony Iannini
Duane Beitmen
NDEs By Seizures  2 pages
Mac Wright
NDEs By Stress  3 pages
C. David Johnson
Damien Spaulding
Tony Degn
NDEs By Visions  8 pages
Kathy Oros
Stefano Barone
Jon Organ
Kim Schomer
Susan Christopher

"Do not seek death. Death will find you. But seek the road which makes death a fulfillment." - Dag Hammarskjöld

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