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Being of lightSeveral years ago I had to have surgery on my mouth. I have always been terrified of surgery and going under. This day I noticed that the nurse was giving me too much anesthesia and I told her she was but she indicated that this was what the doctor ordered. 

While under I found myself drawn to this overbearing bright light. The moment I was in it I fell to my face and began to cry. On my knees I could reason in my mind that I was surrounded by an entity that was so powerful and so unconditionally loving that I could not stand up in its presence because at the same time I was feeling burdened with guilt because of my life and all the sin that was in it. 

I cried out to this power, "How can you love me this much? Look what I have done." 

And the source of unconditional love telepathically told me, "I know your heart." 

At that point I was lifted off of my face and to my feet and embraced by the most powerful source of love I ever experienced in my life. The longer I remained in this place the stronger this love towards me became. I was accepted and loved with no conditions whatsoever. 

As I began to proceed further into this light with this entity of some originality at my right side, I was thrilled to go forward, but I looked over my left shoulder and asked this question, " What about the children? Who will tell them the truth?" 

And at that moment I was returned back to where I was waking up with the nurse screaming my name, "Your heart stopped Kelly. This happens sometimes."

Since this time, my life has been a living hell. It took me three years to come back to reality because I couldn't function knowing the truth about God and trying to survive in a world that is so wicked. I begged God to take the memory away ... the initial impact of the memory because it was interfering with my daily survival. To this day I have had such a difficult time trying to live a normal life with all that I know. At first when I tried to get help, everyone thought I was crazy. So I kept it to myself and when I share it, people just look at me like I'm nuts. 

How do I apply what I know to life? I have had two failed marriages since then. Both men were utterly abusive towards me. One of the two men was a minister who stole all of my money and threatened to kill me. I just want to have that love in my life but I don't know how to express without people taking advantage of me and hurting me. 

Please if you can help me in anyway with understanding what I am to do with all that has been revealed to me than please do so by e-mailing this information. Thank you.


Kevin Williams' reply:  Yes, you definitely show all the normal signs of someone who has had an NDE. First of all, you can get help immediately by telling your doctor. Believe me, especially if you tell your experience to a psychiatrist or psychologist, they will tell you that "being crazy" from such an experience is a perfectly normal reaction to such an unusual experience. If you find that living with this higher reality is interfering too much in your life, there is excellent medicine your doctor can prescribe to at least help you cope with it. 

But you also much get connected with people who have experienced the same thing you have. They are probably the best people who can help you understand and deal with it. Here is are some links at the IANDS web page that will help you tremendously:

IANDS is the International Association for Near-Death Studies. Here is their excellent web page for people who just had an NDE and need to know what to do:

You will find all the information you need there. I have never had an NDE before in my life. But I have had unusual experiences in my life that made it almost impossible to cope with. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor about it. They can be a big help with dealing with any anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, insomnia, unusual or frightening thoughts.

There appears to be a very good reason why people are having NDEs and having to come back. First of all, most people are told that it isn't time yet for you to die, or that you haven't finished your mission yet, or you are not ready yet, or some variation of this. But I believe the evidence shows there is an even higher reason. Although it can be like hell to experience heaven and then have to come back, so many people are doing so nowadays with the way modern medicine can literally bring someone back from the dead, that the Other Side is doing this to bring a greater and faster influx of this higher knowledge into the world. Many people believe a great change in the world is about to happen and this is supported by NDE research as well as religious and even scientific evidence. 

Personally, I believe all the signs show that humanity has reached a point where they technical knowledge has exceeded their spiritual knowledge and this is causing all kinds of problems such as world wars, atom bombs, and a modern civilization with so much injustice in it. Humans are the human consciousness part of this one giant living organism called Mother Earth. When humanity gets out of balance, Mother Earth feels the pain and must take remedial action to correct it - like a person scratching an itch. This means that the social turmoil and injustice going on in this world could start bringing the natural disasters predicted by NDE visions of the future, religious prophecy, psychic insight, even alien abductions. What I think is happening is the beginning of a great change which will prepare the way for the next level of human evolution and civilization. Unlike the dinosaurs however, it will not result in "the end of the world", it will just be the "end of an old way of life" and the beginning of a new. I'm not saying humanity is going to have to completely rebuild civilization after it happens, it is just that humanity will be forced to stop killing each other and join together to face the major change coming. The world is never going to end. It has just evolves very slowly with major spurts once in a while. Heaven is soon to come to this planet and people are coming back from the Other Side through NDEs like a flood of light shining on a dark world. What a wonderful world it will be. But its going to be painful to get there. That's my 2 cents worth. Hope it helps.

"Death is nothing but an eternal change, an infinity, and the life hereafter begins right now." - Jess E. Weiss

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