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At the birth of my first child, after 30 hours labor, complications occurred and the baby could not be born normally. At the height of the pain I left my body. 

I saw my body on the bed and tried to communicate to those tending to it but finally gave up and left out the roof of the hospital. I felt like a traitor as they were working very hard on my body but I did not want it any more. I did not want to go back. So I left very quickly and what was foremost in my mind was that I knew exactly where to go. There was no tunnel or light or anything, I just knew where to go and went. Like going 'home'.

Getting 'out' of my body was like going through a magnetic field. Each magnet was attracted to the other and then to another and another until the first was attracted to the last and then I was free. I knew I had just gone through the elements of the Earth that made up my physical body. This registered in my brain as pain but it wasn't pain exactly but the process of going through the elements and overcoming gravity.

When I reached a fair distance from my body (or so it seemed), I was stopped by a voice - a male voice of great authority. I was not a person to take any notice of authority in life as I did not think rules had anything to do with me. I did not do anything wrong that had to be controlled by any authority, including parents and teachers, so it surprised me greatly to hear a voice I just HAD TO obey.

However, I did not want to come back but I was told that my life had not finished and that I must. I argued and lost. So I reluctantly came back and got into my body and woke up.

A few minutes later complications began again. Again, I left my body exactly the same as before. But this time I went a lot farther toward 'home'. But the same voice of authority stopped me and told me to go back. I pleaded to stay. My mind was then opened up to a vision of Earth life and the traps of materialism. I was shown how materialism can trap a soul to stop it finding God. I was warned to be aware of this at all times. I was shown many things and then told to return, which I did.

Again, I came back very reluctantly and got back into my body. I remember everything to this day very clearly. When I awoke I knew not only that I was 'different' but that my life would and could not stay the same any more. Which it didn't. It changed completely within two years.

I remembered the most important message of the experience and that was to 'find me the right way.' This was the message. As I was already there talking to him, I argued the point of going back to find what I already had found. But I was told 'not through death - the right way." This started a search that has lasted all my life.

This led to hundreds of spiritual experiences that continue today and a life that is led by inspiration, revelation and a knowing that surpasses understanding at times.

I am extremely grateful for this first experience because it led to others, where I met Jesus Christ, was shown the future and what to do and how, and others who showed me many things, including how dreams are put into ones mind telepathically while asleep.

This has led to a lonely but magical life. It has culminated in some incredible knowledge and experiences that can only be attributed to God and the wonders of the universal laws that hold everything in place.

I will not put any more here as it could go on forever but this is the first NDE experience that started my spiritual voyage of discovery.

"But already my desire and my will were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the Love which moves the sun and the other stars." - Dante Alighieri, Paradiso

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