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OBE over the waterHere is my recollection of events that took place about 1973 or 1974. 

My family always, since I was an infant, summered on Cape Cod. The area was North Falmouth, New Silver Beach. One August afternoon, I was at the beach with my mother. She was sitting on a low beach chair with four of her friends from the area. The beach was crowded and the tide was high. I usually played on the left side of the jetty where the sand was smoother and the water was not as deep, but I ventured over to the right side which was deeper and the sand was more coarse. I ended up somehow going a few feet out off the shoreline, I lost my balance and started to be whirled around in the undertow. I kept trying to regain my footing only to be knocked off my feet again and again. Mind you, I was probably only four feet or so off the shore, but I felt really scared. Then the weird part starts. 

As I was under water, I saw myself from several feet away. My vantage point was also underwater. In another words, I was looking at myself underwater in the water. I remember my face looked calm. I also remember the stupid multicolored horizontal striped bathing suit I was wearing. Here's where it really gets strange.

The next thing I realize is my vantage point is about ten feet above the water and I see my mother and her friends talking while sitting in their chairs. I then see my mother's friend, Mrs. M., look over in the direction of the water were I was and suddenly dash from her chair towards the water. She ran in the water. I'm watching this from above and when she grabs my arm, I'm suddenly "back" in my body. I was fine. If I had to guess the whole incident must have been 2 - 4 minutes.

These are the facts to the best of my recollection. I am not going to attach any meaning to it. It just helps me have a bit of a more open mind to things.


Thanks, Anthony Sammarco

"Life is a dream walking. Death is going home." - Chinese proverb

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