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Aretha Stevens was a seasoned drug user whose boyfriend was a drug dealer. Because of this, drugs were always available to her. Amanda was taking prescribed medicine for the panic attacks she would sometimes have. One night at a party, she took more than the normal dose of anxiety medicine because she thought it would help her take more illegal drugs without having a panic attack. As she took more and more illegal drugs, she began to have a panic attack. Instead of stopping the drug use, she took even more. This resulted in a full force panic attack. The following is her near-death experience that was triggered by her abuse of illegal drugs. The use of drugs to induce near-death experiences has been well researched by such individuals as Dr. Timothy Leary and Dr. Karl Jansen.

Then suddenly, the pain I was in vanished completely I felt like I was floating in the air but the room I was in was now a beautiful garden with a beautiful light shining through what looked like tropical trees and I could hear birds singing and I felt so at peace, so comfortable it was just ineffable, The colors of the flowers and the trees seemed much brighter than I've ever seen and everything looked perfect and untouched and serene, I was looking up at the trees and staring into the sunlight for quite a while because something about the light absolutely fascinated me and filled me with a feeling of warmth and comfort. I'm not saying I saw God or Jesus, but there was this comforting light.

The next thing I realized was that I still had consciousness and emotion but the only emotion I was filled with was love, and that was just it, I only had consciousness I couldn't feel my body. I also remember thinking there was something familiar about this garden though I hadn't seen it in my life before. And the last thing I remember was I suddenly thought to myself, wait a minute this is a bit too comfortable I'm sure I wasn't here a while ago!

Next thing I knew I felt like I'd been dropped from a great height and I kind of jumped on the bed that I was sitting on and my panic attack and the experience had all gone away. My boyfriend asked me if I was alright because he'd been trying to get me to answer him up for a couple of minutes and I'd just been staring up at the ceiling quite motionless. I wanted to tell him about my experience but I didn't think he'd believe me, so I got up grabbed my coat and said I think I'd better go home now.

What's changed? Well I've lost my fear of dying, given up drugs, I have more respect for life and other people, I've become a poet out of the blue, My asthma that I had has gone, The panic attacks have stopped, I now have a stable relationship with a wonderful man who's not into drugs, And my circle of friends are real friends and range from my age to 75 years old, I have a good job which I enjoy, And my family unit is closer than it's ever been.


"The brain has not explained the mind fully." - Wilder Penfield, MD

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