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On July 12th, 2002, I was going in and area hospital for out-patient surgery on my foot. I was afraid to be put to sleep because in the past there had been some complications and they had to shock my heart. I had the surgery and they put two stainless steel screws in my foot. Off to home I went, feeling okay.


Somewhere between 7:00 to 7:30, I became really sick. I was vomiting repeatedly till about 3:30 or so in the morning. I was exhausted. I told my family to let me sleep on the den sofa. I was so tired I only wanted to go to sleep. The TV set was playing and I remember my daughter Michelle telling me, "Mom, we can't give you anything else for pain because we do not know how much you have vomited up or retained."


I begged just let me go to sleep.


I remember closing my eyes. I am in this long dark tunnel. It is so cold and so dark. I have never been in a place so cold as this tunnel. I was traveling at the speed of light. As I neared the end of the tunnel, I saw the most brilliant yellow light coming toward me. I was beginning to feel warm. The nearer the light got, the warmer I felt. I could hear myself saying, "Oh God, please let me stay, don't make me go back."


This is the first time in my life that I have really been loved. I felt so safe and protected. I never wanted to leave.


I looked more into the light. It didn't hurt my eyes. I saw this amber and green electricity come from the light. It became enlarged and before my eyes I saw my life revealed, every thought, every wish, every desire, and every pain I had imposed on anything or anyone.


I heard a voice say, "Be not afraid child. It is not your time. You are not through on Earth. Everything has a purpose and you will have to complete yours before you return. Mankind is doing things the wrong way. Go back and teach humankind that LOVE is what is important. Love one another justly. Help those who cannot help themselves. Teach one another compassion, undying love and respect. My creatures on Earth, large and small, are here for a purpose. They know everything here on Earth. They know everything from the beginning of time till the end of time. They have no fear of death. Mankind needs to learn from my creatures. They are here to teach us what is important in life. If you have no love and respect for my creatures whom you have seen. How can you respect me and love me whom you have not seen? Go back and tell the four corners of the Earth what is truly important, not which religion. You are but the pure in heart. There will be many wars, poverty, storms upon storms to rage the Earth, but will man ever listen? My child go back and tell."


I awoke gasping for air - screaming for someone to come to me. My daughter said to mom, "The air is on 70 degrees. It is cold in here." She sped up the ceiling fan a notch.


I slowly began to relax and began to try to decipher what happened to me. I kept thinking maybe I am psychotic or maybe I just dreamed all of this. It was so real I was shaking. I was afraid to tell even the family for fear of being ridiculed. I begin to deny it. I wanted to pretend this didn't happen to me. Why me? I was an ordinary person. Why didn't God pick a priest or religious person? Why me, a nobody?


I went back to my surgeon on the following Monday. I said to him, "Before we get started, I have to talk to someone. I might be losing my mind. I have a story to tell you."


I told the doctor my story. I then asked the doctor, "Had anyone else ever told you something to that effect?"


He said, 'I have heard of this before and have been told of such happening.'


I asked him if he thought I was insane.


He said, "No, Mrs. Hammond, I don't. I believe your heart had enough electricity to start back on its own. That was what all the gasping was about. It was not your time."


After Beth Hammond's NDE, she had some very unusual prophetic visions of the future in her dream. Here they are:

I went to bed and thought I was asleep. I was walking along a dark country lane that was very wooded. I came upon a clearing at the end of the road. In front of me was a cattle guard or crossing with a gate which was locked. I tried to unlock the gate.

As I proceeded to unlock and push on the gate before me, out of nowhere came this huge bright light. Amongst this light I saw snow. I became very cold.

I could see the Capitol buildings dome with the U.S. flag tumble to the ground. I could hear people screaming in agony. I felt a rush of cold air and realized I was among these people.

I saw a lady screaming for God to save her. She was burned through her body like charcoal. I saw people rich and poor and men, women and children running for their lives. I heard sirens, I looked up and before me the Capitol of the United States was destroyed. I could see pieces of the building lying everywhere. It was so cold with snow on the ground. I could smell the stench of burning flesh.

I asked God to remove me from the sight.

I was turning around to try to get away from the smell.


I saw a coastal shoreline that was being devastated by a raging storm. Townhouses, apartments and homes were destroyed. For as many miles as my eyes could see, was total devastation.


Darkness appeared again.

I tried to close the gate again and a voice from the light says to me:

"My child, don't be afraid, because I the Lord God am the author of all truth which comes from me. Behold, I will give you knowledge concerning these things, in as much as you have asked in all diligence and humility before me. These things I say are true and whoever says this is not true must pass before me."

I awoke and have been so frightened ever since I saw all of this.

[Beth continues with her vision]


There will be a vast uprising from many nations in the Middle East. There will be many lives lost, in the thousands. Never again will America know the freedom we once had nor the security.

When I went to bed I had [another] vision in a dream. It was sooo real to me. Here goes:

I was in a tunnel, traveling at the speed of light. I came to the most beautiful light. A voice from the light stated to me:

I have something to show you. Follow me."

As I was following what appeared to be the form of a human in the light, we came to a place where I could look out over the Earth and see the planets in the universe. I was just a few feet from the moon. The form stated to me:

"This is the light of the new heavens."

I began to cry. The being stated to me:

"Do not cry. There are no tears, no sorrows and no pain here, only love."

The form guided me before the stars and stated to me:

"Only I can feel your pain and sorrow. Look beneath. You can see all mankind running to and fro. You have told many people of my existence. They have made a mockery of you. You obeyed me; now I must show you. Look to your right. That is Egypt. The war will rise on mankind from the East. Look to the right. Devastation from earthquakes and hurricanes will be more forceful. Do not look back. Look forward. My time is very near and I will come as a thief in the night. Be prepared always."


"But already my desire and my will were being turned like a wheel, all at one speed, by the Love which moves the sun and the other stars." - Dante Alighieri, Paradiso

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