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OBE tunnelSeventeen years ago, I had an incident, not an accident because I don't think there are so-called accidents, regarding a car crash. I had an out-of-body experience. I don't describe it as a near-death experience because as far as I was concerned, I was, so-called dead. I say an out of body experience because my spirit left my physical body. My spirit, (and every living creature), a cloud of electrical energy, left the physical realms of Earth and had an encounter with the spirits of the universe. Since this experience, my views and perspectives of life from all aspects of Earth and nature, are almost opposite to what our societies kind of brainwash us into believing. My spiritual path since that fateful night has been an interesting yet frustrating one. The knowledge and insight I learned would never coincide with what I was hearing here on Earth. Yet, it seems I can only sit back and watch. 

I've tried to explain it in sequence and in descript but it's difficult to put into words that justify my sights and senses. I was coming home from work one night, and I caught myself starting to nod off. I was only a few minutes from home so I shook it off and cracked the window a bit. Last thing I remember is seeing a house off to the right just out of the corner of my eye. Then I had fallen asleep and crashed my car. 

The next thing I remember is floating out of a tunnel. It was kind of like coming out the other side of a black hole. I am in my true self of spiritual form which is like a cloud of electrical energy. As I looked around it was like the night sky, black background. I was greeted by spirits which looked like streaks of lights. They were thin vertical strips (roughly), not too tall, with whitish lights in the center and as they fanned out the colors change to orangey, reddish then purple. It was the electrical spirits of connected relations from Earth. Unfortunately, I cannot remember any conversations I had with them. 

I floated, or moved to the left in front of them. The best way I can describe moving is floating like a cloud of smoke. It was extremely quiet. No noises at all. Not like any quietness on Earth. Behind the spirits were streaks of lights of various colors of blue, red, yellow and green. The next thing I recall I was in the presence of this massive spirit. I can't say the actual size because there was no way to gauge our sizes. I was ever so gently floating up and down in a waving motion. It seemed ever so gently, it was almost like a calming motion. I say a massive spirit because as I was facing this spirit, it enveloped my whole vision. It was a bright glowing yellowish light, which closely resembles the radiants of the sun, but it was a soft light. It was not blinding in any way. It wasn't blinding because I didn't have my physical eyes (nor body). I was having a conversation with this spirit in a telepathic sense. I can't recall the conversation because in the spiritual form, the type of downloading of knowledge and insight I received is like a energetic strengthening of my spirit. It's difficult to explain this but I hope you can understand. My spirit is the one that received the knowledge and insight, not my physical brain. The knowledge is stored in my spirit, not in my physical memory. Do you know what I mean? 

I felt an overabundance of calmness, a peacefulness, an extreme loving feeling. It was a little overwhelming how strong or intense these feelings were. They were the purist forms of love. I felt extremely light and safe and secure and completely contented. I know I am repeating myself here but I just can't express it enough. Unbelievable!! I recall turning to my right and looking down, I could see the incident scene below. I could see my body lying on the lawn and a few cars and people around the scene. As I was doing this, the conversation was continuing. I just sense at this time I was being asked if I wanted to return. I felt though I didn't. I was then directed to my right again and was shown a movie type like image. I sense it was about me. I can't recall the details of the "movie", but I sense it was about my past and my future path of my time on Earth. I then turned back facing the spirit. I felt a sense of reassurance and then started floating away from the spirit towards where I had entered this realm. 

The next thing I recall is almost like energizing over top of my physical body. I moved closer and was hovering a foot or so over my body. I then slowly turned over and then started sinking down into my body. The electrical energy of my spirit started flowing back into my physical body. As I was doing this, this almost sense of transformation, the feeling of being in the pure spirit form started changing to the feelings of the earthly realm. There was a great sense of heaviness, I felt the physical emotions starting to return, along with the emotions of the human animal. The next thing I recall is opening my eyes and seeing the lights of the cars around me and I looked around to find the light I was just in front of but I couldn't find it. Then it hit me, damn, I'm back. At that point I passed out. 

The next thing I remember is waking up in the hospital with family members gathered around, just feet from my face and crying and smiling at me. They were saying hi to me and telling me they loved me. I was trying to respond to them but I had a tube down my throat and couldn't talk properly. I kept mumbling at them and they couldn't understand me. This was very frustrating! Then I felt the plastic tube in my mouth, so I bit it off. LOL. I was asking them what their problem was. I didn't realize what I had put them all through. I didn't realize the extent of my injuries or anything. The doctors told them they did everything possible for me and it was up to higher powers for my recovery. If I was to die that night, I wouldn't have returned to my body. The EMTs would have done everything possible to keep my physical body alive, but that would have been futile. There was no spirit in the body.

Bruce Budden 

"Death when unmasked shows us a friendly face and is a terror only at a distance." - Oliver Goldsmith

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