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My experience with death came on the ski slopes in St. Anton. A friend who was with us (6' 4", 220 lb) took a steep slope as a jump while my friend and I tried to cling to the face, traversing back and forth. We were below and he didn't see us. In midair and high above me, he yelled, "Watch out!" That's the last I remember. 

Then came extreme pain for only a few seconds. Then it all stopped. Nothing. My last thought was, "So this is what it's like to die." 

Then, I was up in a quiet, blank, white world. I could think but I can't say I could see anybody. I was frozen in that one spot, looking around. 

Then, from out of the clouds, came two figures. I couldn't make out anything. They drew closer and I realized the person up front was my dear Uncle John. Following behind him was his mother, my grandmother. They floated towards me slowly. I called out to them and was excited to see them again. They never spoke. They were within 10 feet of me when suddenly my Uncle John turned around and started to go away. I couldn't move. I yelled, "No! Come back! Don't go!" They just kept going. 

The next thing I knew I felt like someone had sliced my chest open from side to side with a knife. They had me breathing again.


I was so mad to be back. Talk about a headache. I couldn't stand up straight for awhile. I kept tipping to the left. Anyway, 5 years later I developed seizures. I no longer have a memory of anything since '87.


So, that's that. It was an experience. I have no fear of death now. 

I should add that the MRI I had after my seizures indicated that I was clinically dead for about 3 minutes. Because brain cells begin to die immediately, they could determine the length by the lovely chunk of dead brain tissue in my left temporal lobe. Nice.


"Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal." - Thomas Moore

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