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My first OBE was when I was about 20 years old and was in a cabin on a oil rig 100 miles off the coast of Scotland. I was aware of a spinning orb of red and yellow. I left my body and entered the orb. I watched myself struggling to call out to my mate. He was on the bottom bunk. I returned to my body and told no one of the experience for fear of ridicule.

On September 1993, I was at Papworth Hospital having my aortic valve replaced. I left my body and watched the surgeon operating on me. He was a bit of a maverick and had a red and white check head cover. He was listening to Meat Loaf's "Bat out of hell" and invisible drumming to it. He splashed some blood on one of the nurses. She got angry. 

I asked him about this and he confirmed it by stating that I could not have seen this due to the screen around my face.

On November 2001, I rushed back to Papworth with a dissecting aorta which is usually fatal. My son had seen me have the attack and my profound pain. He was scared and had tears streaming down his face. He made me promise that I would not die. I promised him.

I underwent 10 hours of emergency surgery at the end of which my heart failed to spontaneously restart. The surgeon manually manipulated my heart for 26 minutes. At some stage in the procedure I left my body with a whooshing sound. I then was floating toward a bright light. All around me was a gray cloud-type thick fog. It had texture. The closer I approached the light I became aware of a fundamental sense of purity. I could feel my pain falling away. I became aware of PURE LOVE, peace, tranquility. I could hear voices that were welcoming me without speaking specific words; but, I understood that this was natural and normal. I also knew that I was leaving the two people I love the most - my wife and son. 

I was then aware of my son to my left sitting on a chair and sobbing into his hands. My wife walked up to him to comfort him. He said he was scared and my wife assured him I was strong and would live. He calmly said, "I'm not scared of Dad dying. I know he will not die. He promised me and DAD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES."

I then painfully zipped back into my body. Imagine being cold and wet, longing for a warm shower. Imagine taking off those cold wet clothes and getting into the shower. Now imagine getting back into the clothes. Got the message?

When I came to, 28 hours later, my wife was told I was in a coma and brain dead. I was so angry for days. I was angry I had lived. That may sound weird but that is, in brief, my story. 

Two things: This experience has left me feeling over powered spiritually. Secondly, I am a Police Inspector and not prone to flights of fancy.


""People are born to become angels" - Emanuel Swedenborg

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