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When I was twenty, 16 years ago, I had a what's called a near-death experience. This experience totally changed my life. During this NDE I was "told" I had to come back (from there) because I had a mission. Please read on and let me explain. 

Before this experience I was a fairly normal young man. I had taken a year-out' and was traveling in the Kalahari Desert on the boarder between South Africa and Namibia. This was back in 1986.

Unfortunately I had an accident in the desert. I was attempting to connect a heavy fully-laden trailer to the Landrover by manually pulling the trailer closer to the tow-hitch. I was using all my strength and couldn't get the trailer to budge until suddenly it moved. The trailer rapidly came forward and pinned me against the back of the Landrover.

I can remember one moment in the nightmare of extreme physical agony when I said, That is it. I have had enough. I can't take this pain any more.

Then I had the NDE. I could write an entire book about that single experience: the tunnel', the white-light', how good it felt to be dead'.


During the NDE experience I was told' that I couldn't stay there and I had to return to this world because I had a mission'.

That was all I was told in words.


No you can't stay here you have to go back. Yet I was told' and shown' a million-billion things. 


The only way to communicate this is to say that after the NDE, everything in my brain had been taken out my head, folded inside-out, then stuffed back in. Everything I thought I knew was scrambled and re-arranged and I was left to deal with it all. It was as if I had to re-evaluate all my life's thoughts because they weren't mine. My 'old' brain was the learned one while the NDE showed me the brain attached to my personal soul/spirit.

To put this another way, I was forced to live with two 'brains'; one brain, the brain that living in this world had formed (You know, "Don't do this. Don't do that. This label is this. That label is that) and yet simultaneously I had the other brain of "WE ARE A SOUL/SPIRIT." Modern western life forgets this and concentrates of school-grades, exam results, qualifications and doctorates. If that makes sense.

Furthermore, this 'mission,' I did not not know what my 'mission' was. But I knew I had one. Every second of recovery in the hospital I obsessed the thought, 'What the hell could this mission be?'

"There were only a few clues. During the NDE I was an eagle flying through some very grand canyon and I could see. (Read every book by Carlos Castaneda three times if you want to understand this without the benefit of an NDE). This clue was:

(1)  We, as a human, have potential so far beyond our wildest dreams. Whatever you want to be you can be. Maybe it will take you a 100 lifetimes of learning but if you want it you can get it.

(2)  We have a choice and we have free will. We can choose to tap the huge power of our spirit through light-energy or dark-energy. We can get power through good or bad deeds during our lifetimes. It is far easier to get power from dark energies. This is why so many people are f*cked up and are daily causing so much pain and anguish to others.

(3)  I have personally chosen the path of following light-energy and, for a label, let us use the English language word "God". I met a voice during my NDE. To me, I use the label "Jesus." I met Jesus Christ and he said to me, "You can't stay here because you must go back. YOU HAVE A MISSION.'"

(4)  Inside my body I knew my 'mission' was helping other humans follow their personal path.


"People are born to become angels" - Emanuel Swedenborg

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