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OBE manI would like to relate an experience I had that doesn't seem to fit the common variety.

On October of 1993, I was broad sided by a dump truck pulling a bulldozer at approximately 40 MPH. I was the center of impact. I was driving a Chevy Astrovan at the time, making a left turn. I never saw him. I had the light, but my view was blocked to the left, and I was distracted by a car on my right making a premature jump. Pow!!!

I remember an explosion on my left side, and being thrown into the steering wheel and onto the floor, with the seatbelts still holding me. A divider behind me crumpled and threw me forward just after the left side hit.

As I was being thrown forward I recall cursing myself for not being able to keep from being thrown forward. As I was hanging off the seat, I realized this was something serious, I was in great pain, and my boss was going to be mad because I was in an accident. For that reason, I had a strong desire to see what the damage was.

Suddenly I was launching through a black tunnel, and at the same time felt a great relief as when you are next to a really blaring radio and then it shuts off. No more feeling. It was the most exquisite feeling I have ever felt. At the end of this tunnel, I was peering through the top of the crumpled cargo divider behind where I had been sitting, looking at the back of the van.

[Here, Dave describes being outside of his body.]

My first moments of vision I recall, there was a peculiar shimmering to the objects back there, like heat rising from them, and thinking it wasn't as bad as it sounded. Other than the mess, all I saw was a big bulge on the right looking toward the back. I then went over the divider and moved to the rear of the van, cursing all of the time because it was a mess and I had to straighten it all out. I stopped at the rear door and looked back at the front and really groaned because of the mess I had to clean up.

Then, I caught the sunlight coming in from the front windshield coming in over the divider I had passed over. The sunlight was highlighting a green smoky trail coming from the driver's area, over the divider, and then curving into me. As I was following it with my vision, I got the impression it was a snake and it started to curve into me and got rather startled. I went into a sort of spinning, swirling wrestling match with it. Fast and furious.

Suddenly, it all stopped. A realization had come to me. I was dead. It was all over. From a stupid accident. I was totally exhausted. At that point, my consciousness changed. One of a few that I can recall. My first thought was survival here. 

[Dave continues to describe his experience outside of his body and his desire to inhabit a body.]

I scanned my surroundings in some manner to see whose life I would take over. I knew I could. Unfortunately, there was no one around whose life was worth taking over. Except for a couple, a man and a woman. I still can't recall if it was my conscience that prohibited me from interfering with their lives, or I was prohibited by something else. I later found out some things about those that were around at that time. None had a life I wanted to take over.

Then the most morose and lonely feeling set in. It was all over. Period. There was no more thinking in words. All that I had known ceased to exist. No memory.

Then there was an awakening of some sort, a type that I can only describe as an old bear or dragon being disturbed in its sleep, and having to find somewhere else to slumber. A little cranky, too. Then a very cold and passionless consciousness. I viewed things like a snake does.

(The next many minutes are something I can't really recall. I came back with a lot of impressions and intuitions, but little visual memory. I am a very visual person, insofar as memory goes. BTW, my visual memory took a really dramatic dive as a result of that concussion I received.)

[Dave continues describing his experience of being outside of his body.]

After those minutes, I recall looking up toward the front of the van. It was time to go. I had to go. I didn't want to go. It felt safer inside that van.

I moved up to the window on the cargo door, on the right side of the van. I kind of curled up and stared out the window. A peculiar green cast to the light outside. Even more peculiar was it was an arid landscape, like you would see in Utah, which I had never seen before that. But this was in Miami, Florida.

There was a stream or river out there I had to go to. While I felt like a rather powerful something, I was aware that I had to watch out for some flying things. Nuisance more than deadly things. But I sure didn't want to go. I was going to hang around as long as I could. I never once thought to look at my body. I was kind of waiting for the official word before I had to go. I was aware of something happening outside the van, but couldn't see it.

Then something like someone said he's alive, I think, was said. That was also a murky memory time. 

I then made a right turn, dove through the metal divider, entered blackness, and heard and then felt a breath. I remember about a minute total of the next 24 hours. But I was alive. Very disorganized for a few years afterwards, but I was back with a new understanding of things. One is of consciousness, or what constitutes it. It was all more complex than that, but some things I just can't remember.

David Nelson

"You would know the secret of death. But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life." - Kahlil Gibran

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