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Beautiful heavenIt started out during my pre-football practices in high school. I was just starting my tenth grade year, and I, being the youngest of three, with a brother just days over a year older than I, didn't help much neither! I've already experienced the hospital three times previously for major visits! You see, when I was just turning ten, I picked up a book on "The Powers of the Subconscious Mind." I guess I didn't like the way my brother was harassing me - finding ways to put me down and aggravate me to the point of no return! I just had enough of this and I wanted something different, because he was very sneaky and wise about it; and yet I looked up to him, since he was the oldest...

After reading that book on the subconscious mind, I had a silk blanket melt to my hand! A little later, I was shot in the eye! That same year, I was in a car accident, cutting my head, trying to get away from this life! When I finally had a near-death experience! I was just a couple of games into my football season, but have been pre-meditating my accident(s), almost to a tee! I would feel the feeling, focus on it, but let it breath too! 

But on 10-7-88, I went with my brother to a party out at some farm house way deep in the country! I've been focusing on this day for quite sometime now. Details were perfect! Then around 3 am, I borrowed a truck, took it out on the gravel road, when two other's wanted to ride with. [Was that planned, hmmm!] I just turned 15, but I drove like a boy on a suicide mission hitting speeds in the high 90's sliding like warm butter in a hot pan. The road finally ended and, taking the others into account, I thought and thought earlier and jerked it to the left. 

I was transferred from one hospital to the next, trying to find the right equipment necessary! I had 12 stitches and some bolt like object in my head, to relieve the pressure ... But I was so unconscious, I was in a coma. While under, I remember seeing nothing, but everything! Beauty before me, beauty all around me, beauty. But that's a limiting thought because it was so much more than that. I had no body. I was nothing but everything! I felt this great sensation like I was a high vibrating spirit, like I was energy, like I was something out of this world, and words just can't even do it justice!!! 

This happened some 15 years ago, when I was 15. Not to say anything, but the subconscious, is very POWERFUL, if only we knew more about it, as people go... 

Sincerely, by Dayne, The Great

"Eternity is not something that begins after you're dead. It is going on all the time. We are in it now." - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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