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Mine was more universal. I had never ever heard of "White Light," etc. Had always been a devout Catholic, heaven, purgatory, hell, etc. were fundamental stereotypes in my mind, but this experience was nothing like I had (at that time) ever heard of.


When I died I did not see any person or thing, not even my own body, but experienced being ONE with Light, with God, and being "you" and you being "me." In fact, I became everyone, individually and collectively! I knew all thoughts that had ever been thought or will be thought and were being thought. (Wish I could remember them now, back here in/on Earth!)


I went from the point of time where I am/was now/then and went through the end of time all the way back through the beginning of time, then back into the present time, then where I had started. It lasted forever and was over in an instant. What a paradox. It was all ultimate Joy beyond any depth of feeling that I had ever had before or since -- and gave me a sense of, that life is a joyful game to be played and that everything will work out perfectly O.K.-- sooner, if played joyfully well, with love ... and later if not.


With trust and love, we win the game.


I found that God is indeed love, and experienced being one with that love. When I went into that experience, it was like, "Of course!!!! How could I not have seen this all along!" It was so clear, the reality in this experience made my life on Earth seem like a fuzzy slow moving dumb dream in comparison. It was much more sharply real than Earth life. And - It was like going Home! I felt so nostalgic for it and was so glad to be back! And I knew that I had been through this experience many times before and would go through it again. All fear of death evaporated and I knew that every struggle on Earth is worth it ... it's part of the game.

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." - Karen Sunde

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