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Rainbow lightI had a near-death experience in the Emergency Room of Stony Brook Hospital NY. I was on a machine that proved I was total flatlined for 22 seconds. I have a short story I wrote, if you are interested. The NDE was noted in my medical records and is on file. I was seen by a few people based on what I told them I thought was a dream. You have my permission to share it on your site if you wish to. 

Pink and Green

I had flatlined in the emergency room, two years ago for 22 seconds. They said I was dead, no eye response, no heart beat and no pulse. I was hooked up to a machine for chest pains, so they had a "ticker tape" to prove I was really dead. Because I feel my experience was not of this world, its hard to describe what I saw.

When I was "out" I was in a weird room of what seemed like molten silver. I was looking at a wheel of very bright colors, circular smoky patterns like the center of a dahlia. The colors were billowy, and rotating in a clockwise circular pattern. There were two colors that I was completely obsessed with staring at. The pink and the green. Though they were pink and green they emitted bright sparks of yellow and white. I thought maybe these two colors were attractive to me, since I love pink and green tourmaline. Every time the wheel of colors spun, I searched for the pink and green lights. 

When the ER woke me up I was so peaceful and calm. It was a feeling of total serenity. I told them, "Wow, wait until you hear about the dream I just had." 

The ER nurse said, "Lady, no way were you dreaming. You were dead - flatlined." And she showed me the tape. 

I kind of blew it off until the following year after my dad had passed away. My mom went to a psychic, who told her my dad surrounds her in beautiful colors of pink and green. 

Donna Anzaldi

"It is worth dying to find out what life is." - T.S. Eliot

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