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After 27 major surgeries for a pre-cancerous condition, my body had an allergic reaction to the many drugs I was taking to keep alive. I was in a hospital bed when the NDE began. I was on no IV's or medicine at the time of the NDE.


As I was lying in the bed I started to feel a feeling of weightlessness. My pain ridden body was all of a sudden without pain, no fear and a true feeling of love and forgiveness as well and a feeling of euphoria came over my whole body. I could hear the doctors and nurses at the nurses station discuss my case and say, "There is nothing more we can do. She probably will not pull through this."


I felt like I was being put under anesthesia. As I was drifting, all of a sudden I felt myself go into a faster than the speed of light journey with a blinding white light at the end. I could see as I passed by, pregnant girls and old thoughts of how I envied other women who could get pregnant; and, my jealousy because I could not get pregnant.


Then the feeling of euphoria became an anxious feeling. As I got closer to the light, I kept saying, "I am not ready to go yet."


Then I met God and he told me he would give me my life back if I did a mission for his children. I agreed and the next thing I knew, I was coming to in my bed. My husband was holding my hand which had no feeling in it because I had suffered a stroke which paralyzed me on the left side of my body.


I told my husband when I woke up that I was not the same person. He reassured me and told me all would be alright.


Before the NDE, I was a selfish person who was only interested in what money could buy. Now I don't care about monetary issues and I enjoy life and my family to it's fullest. I continue to follow the light that God laid out for me. God led me to a mission of saving abandoned babies (You have that story.).


The biggest lesson I learned from this NDE is the power of FORGIVENESS AND THE TRUE MEANING OF LOVE.


"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven." - Karen Sunde

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