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I am a woman sixty-nine years old. On August 13, I was walking and had a heart attack. I didn't know what it was. The next morning I had another spell at five in the morning and asked my husband to take me to the local hospital, which he did. They determined through tests I had suffered a heart attack and they put me in intensive coronary care.


The next morning, which was August 15, I was told I would have to be taken by ambulance to a larger hospital that did heart procedures. I was put in an ambulance with a team of paramedics and rushed to this hospital, through the emergency room to the heart catherization lab where they proceeded to put a stent in my heart.


I was awake but don't remember much of the procedure. I remember calling to someone that I was sick and something was wrong. I heard two voices shouting, "She is in cardiac arrest. She is in cardiac arrest."


At that point I slipped into blackness and, what seemed like a second later, I was beeped, transported into the most beautiful, shimmering gold space more beautiful than you can imagine.


I was standing there with a feeling of, "I am not afraid I am dead."


I looked over to my left and I saw a group of children. They were kneeling and some were looking over others' shoulders. They had old fashioned hair styles like the twenty's or thirty's parted in middle with two rolls on each side they were shimmering gold.


They were looking down. I looked down too at a figure on the heart cath table. They seemed very interested in her. The figure was a woman who was very young. My thoughts were they are guarding her. The figure was draped in a gold sheet and was slightly turned on the stomach reaching up toward the children.


At that moment, I felt so much love, happiness, peace and contentment. It was all around me and the shimmering gold was as far as you could see. It was beauty beyond belief. There was no sign of life, just stillness.


One of the figures on the end turned and looked at me and her face was not of a child but of a woman, small and with a beautiful face of maybe 35.

I slipped backwards to the black and when I woke up my husband and daughter was at my side.


The doctors told me I was clinically dead for five minutes.


When I left the hospital I thanked the surgeon for saving my life. He shook his head "no" and looked up toward heaven.


That is my experience. I don't know where I was or why I was given a peak of so much beauty, peace, love, happiness and contentment, but I know when it is my time to go I will not be afraid.


Some people tell me I was in heaven. Some people tell me I was in the glory of God. Some people say nothing at all but I know I was somewhere beautiful.


"The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you." - Henry Drummond

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