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Without warning Harry Hone's heart stopped beating for two minutes. For two minutes he left his body - the "house" he lived in, and journeyed back in time to where he originated and lived before he entered his body at the moment of birth.


His book, The Light at the End of the Tunnel is an account of his unique odyssey to where we all go when we "die", and an epic revelation of the "place" where we all come from in the "beginning."


The following is an excerpt from a newspaper article by Staff Reporter, Virginia Gabriele.



Unaware of desperate efforts by nurses to revive him, Hone felt his spirit being drawn out of his body by a very powerful but gentle magnet or force.

"I was aware that I, me, was on a journey and had left my body."


This force then drew him down a "very, very black tunnel." He felt pleasant and warm and was willing to go.


The tunnel opened up into a great area of indescribable white light, and Hone realized he was an integral part of it.


He also realized that Harry Hone consists of a "tiny speck or spark of light" and that light had left its body or house.


There were no voices or words or people, but somehow Hone got messages and information.


His life flashed by in the "blink of an eyelash" and something "taught me about myself."


Coming back to the present, Hone says:


"If this is what happens when people die, they have absolutely nothing to be afraid of ... The actual division between being alive in the body and being somewhere else is painless and rather pleasant."


Hone got the impression there is no geographic heaven and hell.


"We build our own heavens and hells right here in our own lives."


"But at the same time, there are no permanent saints and no permanent sinners. Everyone is equal. Even the saddest example of humanity can become the greatest."


Hone believes he came back because he had "unfinished business to complete."


As he re-entered the dark area and traveled back through the tunnel, he saw a nurse beating on his chest with her fist.


Harry Hone writes:


"Death is one of the 'experiences' of life."


"Contrary to popular belief, I found the 'process of death' a delightful experience. I discovered the 'place of death' to be one of absolute "peace." It was a welcome release from the trauma of what we call 'life.' During my brief stay there, I developed a love for it I will always find difficult to explain. When it came time to return -- I was reluctant to leave."


Harry Hone


"Eternity is not something that begins after you're dead. It is going on all the time. We are in it now." - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

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Book by Harry Hone

Light at the End of the Tunnel

by Harry Hone D.D.

Harry Hone spent two minutes on "the Other Side" and wrote this book to describe it. His book includes the only photo of it's kind in the world showing Harry Hone being brought back to life by his cardiologist and two nurses in Riverside Hospital, Newport News Virginia.