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OBE skyOne sunny afternoon in Florida, me and my three friends tried something that we had heard about. We were all about 12-13 years old and always in to trouble of some kind. We had heard about this way of getting someone to pass out. It was my turn to try it and I got on my knees, breathed in and exhaled as hard as I could 20 times. My friends counted the breaths aloud. On the 20th breath, my friend lifted me to a standing position and squeezed my chest of the remaining air. Well, I thought this isn't gonna work: and just as I said, "This doesn't work." I started to fall and briefly blacked out. 

The next thing I knew I was slowly rising above my friends heads and looking down on them. I remember feeling a breeze blow my face and hair and seeing my friends standing around a body. I was now floating about 10-15 feet up and could clearly see what they were doing, but I couldn't or didn't hear them. Peta-Sue picked up her purse from one side of me and set it down against the wall of her house nearby. Billy, stepped over me and grabbed my shoulder. Tracy stood there looking down. I could see the tops of their heads. I looked around me and could see inside the rain gutter on the edge of Peta-Sue's house. I could see the leaves in the rain gutter! I never would have imagined something like that in such detail. I also recall the small cumquat tree nearby. It had tiny oranges (cumquats) on it and can't forget seeing the top of the tree. (about 7 feet tall) Everything was exceptionally pretty and colorful. Especially the sunshine, sky, leaves, grass, and tiny oranges. I wasn't frightened. Just about the time I figured out that it was me down there, I fell and slammed in the ground. It seemed like 10 minutes; but, they said I was there for 30 seconds. 

I awoke with dirt in my mouth crying hysterically. The pain hit me when i hit the ground. My friends were laughing now. They never believed me. I guess something like this has to happen to you - for you to really believe it. I wish I could find these lost friends to tell them, as an adult, that it really happened.

I think there is a purpose left for me to accomplish. It obviously wasn't my time. I hope my experience can help somehow and that your site can help me. 

James Browning

"And when the Earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance." - Kahlil Gibran

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