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Blue lightMore than 25 years ago in the course of a very unhappy abusive marriage I became very ill and was hospitalized. I was in such physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain that I was praying unceasingly to die ... and I did. I have since read repeatedly of the white light but mine was blue and pure and clean. 

I left the room of heat, noise, and pain and lay upon a bed in this cool blue mist and my ''uncle'' came in and spoke to me. We spoke telepathically for hours which in real time must have been a very short time and when he rose from my bedside to go I came up out of my body to join him with peace and joy only to be told - No! 

"But I want to go with you, I want to go home!" I cried. 

And again he said with such kindness - "No, Jesus sent me to tell you, now is not your time." 

When I mentally shrugged and gave up (who was I to deny Jesus) everything came back......the pain, the smells, the heat, the noise and I wept. 

I went home to my small children and miserable life and it took me years before I found out that many others had had similar experiences and that it was as real as I thought it was. It also took me years to stop being ''mad'' at Jesus for denying me my escape and start finding out all I have discovered since. That I am a valuable and worthy person. That even those who should of loved me didn't but that many who didn't have to love me DID and unconditionally! 

Then I hit a dry spell in which I did a lot of recovery and growing in this earthly plane but not in the spiritual (or so I thought) as somehow even with all the good in my life I felt empty and often forlorn. 

Then I started reading these NDE stories and jotting down the highlights as they struck me with remembrances of the lessons I HAVE learned and the beliefs I have developed over the years of love and misery I have experienced. But in the course of reading I was renewed with the memories and feelings of love and peace I thought had left me forever. I believe so strongly that we do have a Mission from God that we chose when we come here. The trick is to live your life to the fullest in love and learn all you can and pass it on. Appreciate the people who love you.......and even those who don't. Maybe that is the mission. My thanks to all of you who have shared and renewed my faith.

"If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life. For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one." - Kahlil Gibran

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