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My story began on January 15, 1995. I was 22 when I was shot in the head at close point range in my home. I was shot by my ex-boyfriend who held the gun, which we thought was unloaded, carelessly near my head. As he fidgeted with the trigger of the 9mm Rueger in his hand it went off. The bullet entered my right ear, traveled through my neck and came out of the left side of my neck and back into my shoulder blade and exited out from under my left arm. It all happened so quickly but I was alert through the whole ordeal.


Everything was in slow motion to me and I was in no pain. I had heard a loud bang go through my head as I fell over. To my boyfriend, I was dead. I had seen him through my eyes and blacked out.


When my vision came to, I saw him on the phone explaining that I had been shot. With all my might and strength, I tried to reach out to him to him to tell him I was ok. It felt as if a hundred pounds of weights were keeping each of my arms down, but I saw myself lift up to him.


(He explained to me later I never once moved and I was cold and lips were blue. I feel as if this was an out-of-body experience.)


I blacked out once again. At first I was telling myself, "Oh my God! I've been shot! Is this what its like to be dead? Will I be able to see through my eyes what they do to me until I have my funeral?" Yet, at the same time, I felt so at peace and somber with myself. I felt as if I no longer had any worries. Everything I had worried so much about was so minor. My outlook at life from this point felt so different. I knew I was somewhere else without my body and floating upwards.


I never saw a light but I saw the silhouette of others. I felt such a presence around me and so much love. I couldn't believe this was happening to me.


Then I saw the silhouette of a hand come to me and turned me around. I felt the soft touch on my soul that had pushed me away. At that moment, I felt as if I was falling at the speed of light and into my body.


I gasped for air as if it were my first breath ever. I had been in shock and kicked myself around but the paramedics held me down. They saved my life. In my condition they couldn't tell how many times I had been shot. Though, little did they know it was just one bullet that had traveled through me.


It's a miracle that I'm here today. I wasn't expected to live and was told I would be a vegetable. I was in a coma for 5 days. I had suffered a mild stroke and was paralyzed on the right side of my body and face and couldn't turn my neck. I was told I wouldn't hear from my right ear or ever speak again due to my damaged vocal cords and airway. I had to be fed through a stomach tube for over 3 months and depended on a trach to breath. I had to learn to walk, talk, eat and do everything all over again as if I were a child. It's a miracle and the doctors couldn't explain how I survived at all. Looking at me now, no one could ever tell what had happened to me. The only problem I have is a few scares and I lost one vocal cord. But I'm truly grateful for what I have.


I hope my story can help others understand the NDE and the outcomes of it. My life changed dramatically and I'm always looking for ways to help others achieve there goals through the struggle of a tragedy they may have suffered. There is so much more I could explain and I wish I could do more but I'm unsure of how much you would need to know.

Jeana Bettencourt  

"The brain has not explained the mind fully." - Wilder Penfield, MD

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