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I am 35 years old and I have been a person living with AIDS now going into my tenth year. A few years ago, I was hospitalized and had this experience that I am going to tell you about. I never thought to ask anyone before, nor tell anyone, about it except my lover the other night. I don't know what this means, nor do I know if anyone else has had a similar experience, or if what I saw was real. So, I go on. 

I was lying in the emergency room in a quarantine space because, in Florida, AIDS patients were kept away from the population - cross contamination I guess.

Anyway, I coded on the table and left my body - rising up into a fog. I came into a garden (I know this is real because I can see it in my mind's eye as vivid as if it happened last night). BUT, in this garden, there was a tree. It looked like one of those Joshua trees you see in the desert southwest in the states (I am in Montreal, Canada now). 

So, I had questions. And, as for God, was he there? Yes, I believe so. 

I asked him all of my questions (Why I know this, I don't know.). But I was there for what seemed a long while. I remember the smell of flowers and grass - and the beauty of where I was. It was as if I was in a valley of some kind. The sky was vivid. It was beautiful. 

When I finally returned to the table I was laying on (I guess I was sent back.), it was not my time to go yet. I don't remember any answers to the many questions I asked (not the specific questions that I did ask), yet the vision and the specific tree still remains in my memory. I did not come back with anymore wisdom about my situation or my life as it was at that time. 

I wonder if the answers to my questions will show up or become clear through conscious contact with my God of my understanding over time (i.e., inner dialogue)? 

Do you know of anyone else who has seen a tree on the other side? And if so, was it in a garden setting, valley, etc...


Kevin Williams' replyHere are the results of a search on my website for the keyword "tree". And for the keyword "trees".

"He who understands nature walks close with God." - Edgar Cayce

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