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Jessica CardeThe following NDE by Jessica Carde and her visions of the future were profiled in the television documentary entitled Ancient Prophecies. The following account comes from this documentary and is very brief. In the documentary, Jessica Carde describes what happened. She was inner-tubing down a river when she drowned and came face to face with glowing light beings who showed her the future. The following is her testimony as it appears in the documentary. 


"The light beings surrounded me and filled me with light. I saw them unrolling a scroll before me that looked like an Arabic or Greek text.


"I was shown earthquakes along the Ring of fire in the Pacific. I saw pictures of horror of a one world government and the return of concentration camps. I saw diseases and germ warfare.


"These visions of horror were not lasting. There would come another time of peace and another time of joy and we will be safe."


Two years after her appearance on Ancient Prophecies, Jessica described on a talk show the psychic powers she was given resulting from her NDEs. After her first NDE, at age 7, she was gifted with the ability to hear other people's thoughts. During her second NDE, she inhabited the body of her stepfather while he was sexually abusing her. During her third NDE, the light beings told her she needed to go back to Earth because she had important things to do. After her third NDE, Carde mentioned it was difficult to go out on dates because she would know the future of those she dated by merely touching them.

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Ancient Prophecies covers ancient and modern prophecies and predictions from the Pyramid prophecies, Nostradamus, Saint Malachy, Fatima, Garabandal, Edgar Cayce, Mary Summer Rain, and many more.