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Jesus and lightSophia Jaramillo writes:  I really don't know where to begin with all this. I can't say it was a near-death experience but she did see our dead family members spirits around her during an ER surgery for my daughter that happened about 3 weeks ago ... I am not sure if I am even emailing the right place well you please let me know. 

Kevin Williams replied:  The boundaries between a dream, a deathbed vision, a religious vision, a near-death vision, hallucinations, and others, are very blurry because they are all different degrees of conscious awareness. So, my opinion would be that your daughter's vision would probably be classified more as a near-death experience. But these classifications are not rigid. For example, dreams are actually out-of-body experiences and visions.

Sophia Jaramillo writes It's kinda weird that she would of had a near-death experience. But, I am very interested in you telling me more. I am not doubting. I just want to understand. I am very very overwhelmed by all this. The doctors never told me after surgery that they lost her for a while or anything. But my daughter did tell me while she was going under, and while she was under, that all our relatives were there plain as day, and I asked her, "Did they like call you with there hand to 'Come on! Let's go!'" She said, "No!" that they were praying, and at the back of all them was a tall white male that had eyes like a rainbow different colors. She saw a picture of him and said, "That's him! JESUS!" But she didn't recognize him when she sees him. Jesus is on the cross at church with a wrap around his waist ... I find it fascinating and she has been seeing people that are dead every once in a while. I told her not to be afraid. I mean, it's either in plain day or at night. I told her they are probably watching over her. I feel very comfort knowing that she has either a spirit guide or angels watching her.

Kevin Williams replied:  Jesus has been seen in NDEs with a description similar to your daughter's description. Here are some of them:

"You can see yourself mirrored in Jesus' eyes. He can look straight through you and into you. He glows with an iridescent golden light." (Valvita Jones)

"Everything you would want to see in Jesus' face is there." (Lorraine Tutmarc)

"He is about 5' 9" and about 150 lbs. He is slim and handsome. When he hugs you, it feels like a million volts of electricity going through your body." (Susan)

In the mid-1970s, Ralph Duncan was dying of leukemia. While he was hospitalized, he had an NDE during which he encountered a luminous being whom he took to be Jesus. Ralph observed that he did not look anything like the traditional images of him. Jesus' eyes were "shooting fire" and he communicated a telepathic message: "That's enough, it's dead, it's gone." Ralph understood this to mean that he no longer have leukemia. Through his eyes "shooting fire" and saying "That's enough," Ralph understood this to mean in effect, "I've zapped you with enough voltage for this to cure you." Ralph said this is what Jesus meant when he said, "It's dead, it's gone." (Dr. Ken Ring)

"He was dressed in white, long sleeve floor-length robe with a wide gold band around his mid-section and wears sandals. He has a long face and a broad chin. He communicated by looking at me." (Clara)

"I knew right away that it was Jesus. I knew by his eyes." (Randy Gehling)

"Children tend to be explicit about skin tones when talking about any religious figure who visited them. Jesus is seen as a man with tan skin. Adults are the ones who usually see Jesus as white.". (Dr. PMH Atwater)

"To me he looked like the picture of the Sacred Heart, the one looking upward." (Stanley Villavicencio)

Margaret Tweddell wrote about how people appear to us on the Other Side in the way we want to perceive them. She stated: "And then suddenly to hear the voice that says, "Look at me." And when you look - there, just as you've always imagined - you see him. He shows himself to us according to our own understanding. If I want to think of him as a man who walked by the lake and a man who looked as the Jews looked at that time, then I'll see him that way. If in my thought I think he's modern and bright, then I'll see him that way. We do not see him as the medieval painters made him. We see him as we, in our own selves, have pictured him, because otherwise we wouldn't recognize him. How would we know unless we have the picture already in our own being - in our own minds, in our own hearts. To me he came walking across the air - across the tops of the buildings, the trees. I'd always known he'd come toward me with his arms and hands outstretched. He said, "Come, let me show you."" (Margaret Tweddell)

"When I first saw him, the light and the glory and the surging of power was so tremendous. It was like an avalanche of feeling over me. At the present time I just don't feel that I have found a way in which to describe what it was like - an indescribable contentment and uplifting, a tremendous ecstasy of feeling on all realms, being completely out of yourself, an unusually vivid knowledge of the intense, sympathetic love around you - the warmth of it, the light of it - something that is not external but is part of you. It is like a sunrise on a mountain that is covered with snow, when the colors come down and reflect on you - a dazzling brilliance that would make you close your eyes and yet feel it in every pore of your body. This is the feeling that you have as you come toward the LIGHT." (Margaret Tweddell)

Sophia Jaramillo writes:  I just read my email you sent me yesterday and it basically helped my daughter and myself to understand a little more on what I was trying to explain to you about her NDE. She said to tell you thank you for helping her to understand it more. My daughter is sitting here with me and wanted to give her own story like everyone else. If you wouldn't mind posting this. So here we go:

Jessica Jaramillo's NDE

Jessica writes:  About 5 weeks ago I was rushed into the operating room from excessive bleeding due to a vessel that was loose in my throat after having tonsillectomy surgery a week before. I thought everything was okay. Then all of a sudden I kept on bleeding up blood clots. I lost about 2 liters of blood. Then from there, I was rushed into the operating room and that's when I saw my father, who had passed away when I was 2 yrs old and he walked towards me and he was comforting me by rubbing my back. He was speaking but did not understand what he was saying only a couple of words. He told me, "It was going to be okay. I love you and I'll be back." He had this beautiful gold light around him.

While the doctors were putting me under to begin the emergency surgery, I then saw my great-grandfather that I had never met and great-grandmother and my other great grandfather that I was very close too, and my great great great aunt. Then I saw this very tall man that had eyes like a rainbow. His skin was tan. He wore a white long robe. He stood behind all my family members. They all, including "HIM," were shinning with a GOLD BEAM of LIGHT around them. They all held hands and prayed and Jesus had his hands lifted in the air praying. I saw all this while going under and while I was totally under from the anesthesia. I could see them all standing in front of all the doctors while they were performing my surgery and I was laying down on the operating table. I felt so happy and safe to see them all there. I was not scared anymore. I knew everything was going to be okay. When I woke up, they were all gone. I thought at first it was a dream, but then I realized: How could it have been a dream when I saw them standing there in the same room while doctors were performing the surgery on me?"

Jessica R. Jaramillo
God Bless 

"Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean." - David Searls

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