Karen Brannon's Near-Death Experience

On Friday, November 6th, 1981 my whole life changed radically. To say that it was a huge wake-up call is not an overstatement.


I had my first seizure because I had begun abusing muscle relaxers to get high. I had already gotten caught with that several times which my family knew about. However, this time, it was at work as a security guard in the lobby where people first entered the building. There I was, having a seizure because I had overdosed myself! This is just one example of how addictions are so insidious. I actually thought I could get away with such insanity. I was a very unbalanced person and I didn't even know it.


Suddenly I was out of my body, hovering by the ceiling. Having already been out of the body before when I was seventeen via a lucid dream experience in which a "divine presence" guided me through the experience, I knew that Soul Travel was a very natural and wonderful experience, so free, unrestrained and without a physical body to hamper Soul.


Now, I was experiencing it again, but this time, it was more profound. My awareness was astonishingly heightened instantly, giving me a knowingness of countless things by straight perception. It was an awakening of who and what I truly am as Soul that was missing in the earlier occurrence.


This time, I knew that I had "died." That did not bother me in the slightest, but my attention was drawn to my mother who had waited in much trepidation during the torturous fourteen hours of surgery.


I knew she was very upset due to the surgery. Yet, with the expanded awareness came an intensified detachment. I knew that, cosmically and spiritually, all was well, and she would be all right, too, in time. She was just experiencing what people on Earth do as a spiritual learning experience: The chance that she could lose someone whom she loved very much.


Ah, the drama of this world. Yet, all the while, I was right there with her, just in another body which she could not see nor perceive.


All at once, my Soul body ascended at an extreme rate of speed toward the inner heavens - virtually like a rocket. The speed did not cause fear. In fact, the experience was exhilarating, enchanting and I loved every moment of it!


Death was wonderful! What was all the nonsense about being afraid of the bogeyman of "death" anyway? This was great!


As quickly as I ascended, I stopped in a golden place where everything had a golden tinge, and the feeling? Ah, it was truly heavenly. True joy was everything. The most joy I have ever experienced on Earth was microscopic in comparison. No wonder they call it a heaven and I knew there were many of them.


I was in a library in an ethereal temple or atrium, similar to ancient Greek or Roman villas. Everything was airy and light. I had the impression that there were other Souls studying in the next room. I gathered all this information instantaneous.


While I was getting the information of the library and school at the temple, I was aware of a very tall Master or Spiritual Guide with long white robe, and long white hair and beard. Everything about him discreetly shimmered. I thought he was God himself at first he was so majestic. Amazingly enough, he shortened his appearance instantly, I believe so I would be more comfortable with him. I have heard that some angels are huge beings, and probably can alter their appearance at will as well. This was a crash course in the afterlife!


Immediately, I knelt, crying out and shielding my eyes in shame.


I'm so sorry I've been bad!!!"


For in my self-condemning eyes, I had been very disobedient. But, his holy eyes twinkled with humor, love and saw only a child of God who simply had stumbled on her way to God, no more, no less.


He gently smiled as he nodded, saying, " No, no, no."


I stood and the guilt of many years was shed in that moment and my qualms left me, leaving me centered in the sweet warmth of that divine love he was permeated with. His love was unconditional, which I have never experienced more in this lifetime!


We were not talking orally, but communicating telepathically. I did not even think about it as strange because it was completely natural. Everything was perfectly natural.


He said, "Do you want to stay or go back?"


I was very aware that this decision would be if I would stay in the Heavenly Realms or return to my life as Karen on planet Earth.


All of my being wanted to stay there in bliss, but ever since I was six, I knew that reincarnation is the natural fact of life, and now, I had the knowingness that if I chose to stay, I would have to reincarnate to Earth again later. At the time, that was unacceptable to me. I didn't understand then that Earth is a boot camp and school for Soul's spiritual education, and as such, it's tough. Nevertheless, I knew that I had to return and finish whatever mission I had to do here.


The wonderful divine being and I "talked" a bit longer which I do not remember consciously, then whoosh!! And I was back in my physical body in the hospital again."

"The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you." - Henry Drummond

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