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Heavenly lightSo as not to go into a lot of rhetoric, I was addicted and poisoned by a malicious so called "Doctor" and as yet I still suffer hell on this Earth through the results of this happening to me. The poison involved being codeine phosphate the same stuff as china white - pure heroine - which still circulates in my marinated body as morphine. Mixed with bodily fluids, the pain within as this stuff re-enters my bloodstream is TORTURE. 

Anyway, one day after stopping this stuff and a long time after, a lot of this stuff while detoxing entered my stomach (as this is the route it takes) well there was so much on this particular day that it hit my pancreas and caused pancreatic failure - a choking feeling of such distressing enormity. It was hell. As a result, I was PUSHED right out of my own body (as the throttling of my pancreas reached maximum choking point) I looked to my right and there stood my own body. Approximately 10 seconds after being ejected (so to speak) from my body, a MASSIVE white light gently ascended. It was about 40 feet wide and then started to recede until a pencil beam size only the width of my own shoulders remained. I was then lifted upwards up and into this light beam. I could NOT stop this happening as the only weight to be pulled back by was the weight of my body, and at this point in time, I was no longer even part of this anymore. I realized fully at this "point" as to what was truly happening. 

As I was taken upward and further upward I objected STRONGLY as I felt it was NOT my time to go. (It was all happening from evil, being poisoned with opiates.) It was as if I was being listened to at this point, as shortly after, I was GENTLY lowered downwards.Once I was back onto terra firma. I moved towards my body. I was pulled back into it in some way unknown to me. Once I was back into my body I was TERRIFIED to even look upwards ANYMORE. I was alone and made my way back home totally HUMBLED and frightened, yet privileged that "God" or ? higher beings, etc. do this. I also thought to myself HOW am I EVER going to explain THIS. It was too big not to mention, yet unless it has happened to a person you tell of this happening (not a wise thing at all), anyway, getting back to a question that I would like an answer to. 

If someone has hurt somebody else badly in this time on Earth, do they suffer the SAME experiences that they brought about? What goes around comes around kind of thing? I have heard of different accounts of mirror image repeated events occurring to the bad people out there. I need to know that some type of justice will be at least re-paid back for what certain "people" do unto others. This "Doctor" did this because I threatened to sue another "Doctor" and, unbeknown to me, used this as a weapon against me and got others to back him up when I protested what had happened to me. This "Doctor" has died since. I need to know, or at least think, that the boomerang when thrown hard ... comes BACK ... HARD ... to the thrower!!!




Webmaster's note:  What you refer to is, as you suggest, the law of karma. Think of it as an impersonal law of this world, such as gravity. You may call it God's law of divine justice but it would be more precise to call it a law of nature. When we do something for other people, in time, it comes back to us. It might not be in the same form nor in the same lifetime. This law can be compared to a mirror. It exists for us experience how our thoughts, words, and deeds affect those around us in life. Although we see through this mirror dimly, after death, we will have a life review which will become a "mirror" for us to see ourselves clearly and perfectly. 

The doctor who victimized you, experienced in his life review (instantaneously) what he did to you. He would have seen himself from God's perspective - every possible "angle". So, those who have victimized people, will realize what they have done after death and then be set on a course to correct their flaws. The doctor may choose to put himself in a position to help others in the hopes that his better nature will prevail this time and therefore prove himself. Or he may decide to become a victim to learn by experience what he needs to learn.

When you die, you will have your life review and understand from God's perspective what happened. Perhaps you will discover something that might change your mind about the doctor who hurt you? The important thing about karma (which, by the way, is identical to reincarnation) is that a much higher spiritual law exists called the law of love. Love allows a victim to remove the karmic debt owed to them by the victimizer. Forgiving the doctor who harmed you will create grace, mercy, and love for those who victimize you. This is how the vicious cycle of "dog eat dog" comes to an end. This was the message of Jesus. It was as if he said, "Don't be so foolish as to hate your enemy. Be free from this vicious cycle by forgiving and loving your enemy. That way, you'll also be free from your enemy from ever owing you anything." See.

"Birth in the physical is death in the spiritual. Death in the physical is the birth in the spiritual." - Edgar Cayce

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