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In 1974, Lauren Zimmerman ( had a brush with death. While in that "other world," she experienced Peace beyond description, Serenity beyond words, and Wisdom beyond limitation. When she returned, she was clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. Soon thereafter, she realized her mission in life was to share her experience so that others might lose their fear of death. She says, "Wherever you go ... there you are! And that is the case with the transition of death. Each of us will transcend this life experience, and when we do we will meet with ourselves. There are no mysteries, only things we've forgotten."

Her art and her work reflects these sentiments. Ms. Zimmerman is the author of Other Worlds, a series of four books with Called being the first. The series continues with The Mayanite Tiles, Peace Mission, and Choosing Universes. She is also the author of Moments of Mastery.

In addition to being an author, Ms. Zimmerman is a "contactee" and also an artist who works in a variety of mediums to create inspirational artwork for calendars, brochures, advertisements, and book covers. Visit her website to read the Universal Principles she has learned.


The following is her near-death testimony:



Keeping in mind that I am someone very much like you, the reader, I give you the following information with the hope that your mental image of who we are and what we are all a part of will enlarge society's vision of reality and bring greater awareness and comfort to each of us, singly and as a whole.

The all-encompassing Light, an entire world of it, beckoned to me. Without hesitation, I stepped into it. It enfolded me and I was comforted for the first time since I'd left it to take on this physical incarnation. The human part of me would have wept with relief. The spirit part of me, the part that was departing the Earth-realm, was matter-of-fact. Let's get on with the real stuff, I thought.


I walked away from my physical shell without regret, confusion, or hesitation. I was adrift within the body of Creation. All things were one. There were no separations or barriers.


Imagine, if you will, containing your entire focus within one single cell of your body for 20, 30, 40 years. Suddenly you shift your focus and become aware of the rest of your cells and the space that surrounds them. Suddenly you realize that there is a massive part of yourself that you'd closed your eyes to all these years. You are not made up of one cell. You are made up of billions of cells. And now you have the opportunity to reacquaint with yourself. This is not something, someone, or some place that you need to get to know. This is the entirety of you that you'd known before and had merely forgotten. This is what the 'death experience' was like for me - stepping into a remembering, an awareness of the entirety of Creation and my part in it.


The Light and the Voice guided me. In peace, I followed. If you can imagine, it was like one cell freed from its designated place within your body, now floating freely through your blood stream. Passing other cells, floating by vital organs, marveling at the scenery of the reality beyond Earth and third dimension. I floated, in pure Light, beyond the boundaries of Earth. Stars, solar systems, galaxies - they were miniscule and of little importance within the larger vision of things.


The Light took me further, deeper, into existence until Earth and its Universe were invisible to me. I passed other universes, circles of them, sixteen to a circle. On the edge of existence, looking back, these circles of universes looked like strings of pearls. The Voice explained to me that, within each 'string,' the universes were connected and accessible to each other via what we now call 'black holes.' I couldn't count how many 'strings of pearls' there were. The vision was incredible and, in that instant, that memory re-visited, my life was changed irrevocably. (But, at the time, I didn't realize that I was returning to 'life,' this life.)


"For visionary purposes,: the Voice advised me, "think of this existence you're viewing as a 'body.' The planets, solar systems, and universes are cells within the body. Everything else is the space that surrounds the cells that make up the body."


It's rather like saying, "I am within the body of God," I responded.


I pointed to a 'string of pearls' and continued, "And so, if the body of God is, for visionary purposes, similar to the human anatomy, that 'string of pearls' is in the area of the left lung."




I watched in silence as a thought formed and became a single, brilliant bullet of Light. It sped toward a region of universes and vanished into the darkness there. The body of God aligning and healing itself? Perhaps. The Voice went on to explain to me that the Truth comes to us in stages. As we assimilate and understand a layer, the next layer is peeled away for us to ruminate upon. Often these Truths are revealed in symbols, images, thoughts, and inspirations that the human brain can easily accept and interpret. I do my best to relay things exactly as I see and hear them, with the understanding that what is presented may be 'stepped down' for easy interpretation inside this 3-D reality. In addition, I have found that, if you receive a message or a vision and your mind/thoughts/interpretation cannot change that vision, it is representative of a Truth.


This experience I've just described, and which I've re-visited at least one hundred times, to date, has not changed since 1974. Due to this unchanging vision of existence, it is necessary for me to attempt to incorporate it into other revelations that I receive. Sometimes I successfully integrate everything immediately. Sometimes I need to wait for the next revelation so as to understand where each piece of the puzzle fits.


Our reality is evolving quickly. I believe that we're being shown pieces of a huge 'puzzle,' for lack of a better description. Keeping an open mind and being willing to receive more insight and wisdom, no matter whether it seems to contradict something we already believe we know, allows us to evolve more quickly. Standing steadfastly on one piece of the puzzle (a Truth) creates a resistance to the next revelation (puzzle piece) and hinders the universal flow that we all seek.


The imagery just given above might help us to envision 'Universal Flow.' If we allow ourselves to use this image as a 'base,' we can see the oneness of all things. If all things in this existence are contained within a 'body,' there is no separation, just as there is not true separation within our own bodies. Using the imagery, we can also see that, if a thought is formed in 'the mind of God' it flows easily to the rest of the body - and vice versa. What this image implies/suggests is that there is nothing in the way of the 'flow' of all things within God/existence.


And so it seems as though, for whatever reason, it is my task to share what I've seen and heard throughout my 'ethereal wanderings,' as outlandish as some of these things might seem. Perhaps my experiences are pieces of the Truth or possibly only possibilities to stimulate your mind and mine. But, I believe that this is a piece of the puzzle and a step toward the coming revelations. May wisdom guide our footsteps and our thoughts.


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About Lauren's book "Called"

Lauren Zimmerman's book "Called" introduces her series, "Other Worlds," which fictionalizes a combination of the author's beliefs and experiences concerning alien life forms. When Paul realizes his true alien identity, everything starts to fall into place and apart, unless he can help the newly arrived visitors from space evade the military and learn from the aliens how to ensure future harmony between their kind and humankind. "Called" opens a new world of possibilities as Paul starts to question his earthly origins. Detailed memories of another planet and family have begun to surface. While he struggles to accept his true identity, he becomes aware of dear friends hovering invisibly above the Earth in a giant mother-ship. They visit him in dreams, reminding him of the mission he accepted before coming to Earth. That mission is to reestablish a relationship between the people of Earth and their universal friends and family. Paul is compelled to follow an instinct that leads him to Arizona. Upon arriving, he meets a Native American man who appears to have been waiting for him. His new friend leads him to the central mountains of Arizona where they are destined to rescue the occupants of an alien space craft that crashes to Earth. Together they hide the aliens from military forces and learn about the nature of life, energy, and love. On this incredible journey of self-discovery, love blossoms between Paul and a woman, who like him, has always felt she was different. Together they share adventures in this book and the next!

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"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

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by Lauren Zimmerman

This is a fictionalized account of a combination of the author's beliefs and experiences. In it, a new world of possibilities opens as earthly origins begin to be questioned. Detailed memories of another planet and another family begin to surface. Beings are seen hovering invisibly above the Earth in a giant mothership. They visit a person's dreams to remind of the mission accepted before coming to Earth. That mission is to reestablish a relationship between the people of Earth and their universal friends and family. Read the glowing reviews.

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