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I was eight and 1/2 months pregnant when I suffered a concussion. I was in an abusive marriage with seemingly no where to turn. I went into labor and called the doctor. She asked me if I could drive to the hospital in the city (about 2 hours away). When I started laughing, she told me to come to the local hospital.


I recall the pain being overwhelming. The baby was dead and preached.


Suddenly I was looking back over my left shoulder trying to tell the nurse who was yelling, "Linda, open your eyes. You're OK. Everything is going to be OK."


I was laughing. I did not want to come back.


The doctor asked what my blood pressure was and the nurse responded, "What blood pressure?"


The doctor asked again and the nurse responded very loudly, "What blood pressure?"


The doctor said, "Call Doctor Coons, do not hesitate."


In the mean time, I was doing great. There was no more pain and, my God, the love was so incredible.


The nurse, however, would not leave me alone. She just kept yelling at me to open my eyes. But they were open and I could see her hand in front of my face. Man, what a large hand she had.


Doctor Coons came in and asked if the baby was dead.


Then the nurse asked if they could give me a pain medication. I still did not feel any pain.


My family was called and told that I would be in the hospital for 2 to 3 weeks. I was out in 3 days.


When I went back to the doctor, the first thing out of her mouth was, "What do you remember?"


I lied and said nothing. Boy, if she only knew.


For the next several years, my life was crap!! Till I started to talk about my NDE. It has taken me twenty-five years and three husbands to learn that.


I will never experience the unconditional love that I did during my NDE.


Now things are much better. I lowered the play bar of love for my latest and greatest hubby. He is doing very well (for a being).


Sometimes I know things about this life that others question daily. Recently I have been hearing from the other side. I love it. I am spending time with others now that had an NDE. It's like being with my family, finally! So comfortable.


I do not recall all of my NDE; but, I know when the time is right I will. I am so looking forward to my total recall!!!!


"The best way to get to heaven is to take it with you." - Henry Drummond

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