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Suddenly, I found myself in another dimension. A glowing golden tunnel appeared in front of me. Far, far into the tunnel, almost as if at its distant opening, stood a man dressed in a splendid golden robe.


A luminous smile on his barely intelligible features, he beckoned to me gently. There was a transcendent peace about him, yet I sensed incredible power.


The Master continued his invitation, but he was so far away. I wanted to fly to him. I knew that this was possible; it was simply a matter of making the decision.


I felt curiosity but no fear. Exiting my body would be an easy choice. I would float through this glorious tunnel and seek the answers the Master had to offer. Yet, just as I slipped into the tunnel something pulled me back.


While I was surrendering to the marvelous force that had come to claim me, the hospital staff had worked to pull me out of my coma with massive doses of cortisone.


I remember nothing after the tunnel experience until three days later.


"Truth sits upon the lips of dying men." - Matthew Arnold

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