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In Matthew Dovel's book entitled My Last Breath, he describes both of his NDEs. Although his book was classified as "fiction" by his publisher, Matthew's NDE testimony is true from start to finish. It is thought that the publisher classified it as "fiction" because of the rather unusual subject matter. But indeed, according to Matthew Dovel, it is all factual.

Matthew states, "I am compelled to share the story of what happened to me, the profound changes that took place afterwards, and the message I brought back with me from the other side. When I tell people of my experiences, they are completely captivated and are left wanting to know more. This is a unique story of someone who was in the very presence of Jesus Christ Himself and what it was like to spend three days in hell. I have found that nothing I have ever said has been more interesting to people than my story about dying and what happened afterwards."

Dovel drowned at the age of twelve and temporarily died. During the time he was unconscious, he remembers a calming and overwhelming feeling of peace coming over him. Eventually realizing he was in heaven, Dovel, a child with no religious training, stood in the presence of Jesus and immediately understood that his work on Earth was not complete.

I met Jesus Christ when I was twelve during my first near-death experience. He told me I still had work to do, says Dovel. I ignored his will for years and it was not until I tried to commit suicide that I finally understood that I could no longer ignore my destiny.

Returning to Earth after feeling the love and peace that pervades heaven caused him to spend his teenage years filled with angst and disgust over the ugliness in the world. He turned to drugs and alcohol to escape the pain of being separated abruptly from paradise and the Lord. Matthew spent 10 years addicted to drugs and alcohol. Like many recovering addicts, he had to hit bottom before deciding to quit using addictive substances. Dovel's unusual bottom was a three-day trip to hell -- literally. Dovel eventually attempted suicide to spur his reentry into heaven. To his shock, he spent three days in hell, but returned to tell about the experience. Dovel saw the horrors and felt the suffering of hell before returning to Earth. When he awoke, he eagerly gave up his $1000-a-week drug habit cold turkey and has been clean ever since.

I really thought that this place, Earth, was hell at one time and that was all before I spent three days in the real deal, writes Dovel. Not the worst day I have ever had here on Earth could even come close to the experience I had in hell.

After having two near-death experiences, Matthew D. Dovel explains that it is not the near-death experience itself, but what happens afterward that is so incredible.

After his second near-death experience, Dovel was mysteriously endowed with an immense amount of knowledge about computers. He now owns a successful computer consulting business for which he has no training. He also possesses psychic abilities that allow him to sense when someone is thinking about him. Sound unbelievable? For Dovel, his psychic ability and conversations with God are a part of his daily life.

After coming back from the brink of both heaven and hell, Dovel also found a new understanding of how time works. "We are all time travelers and, believe it or not, we are all traveling at different speeds." In a vision since his return from heaven, God explained to Dovel how time works. "The speed peddle of your life is directly linked to good and evil," Dovel writes.

Comparing heaven and hell, as well as providing his distinctive impressions of both, Dovel provides readers with insight into the afterlife and what we can all expect. He hopes his message will encourage people to reach out to their neighbors and make the world a more loving and peaceful place, attempting to eliminate people's desire to commit suicide.

Dovel's honest examination of his incredible journey to the brink of both heaven and hell gives readers an unparalleled perspective into why we are here and what it all means.

Dovel was born in Seattle, Washington. After extensive moves from one end of the country to the other, at the age of nine his family moved to Poway, Calif. He joined the United States Air Force at the age of 21 and was stationed in Alaska. He now resides in Henderson, Nevada. After moving to Las Vegas in the late eighties, he went back to college and majored in civil engineering and minored in business administration at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Dovel currently works in the computer industry and as a writer. He also volunteers his spare time at an alcohol and drug recovery center in Vegas.

Matthew Dovel


"Think of stepping on the shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it God's, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in glory and finding it home." - Don Wyrtzen

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