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Dear Sir, The main point of my story is that I now know that seeing and entering the death-vortex does not require death but only detachment of the physical body from the "other" self - be it the mind/the soul/the spirit ... dunno what "it" is. This can be done by anyone and everyone through advanced meditational states.

I recently spent three days in meditation after spending many weeks in rather constant meditation and fasting ... I was not religious at all, purely agnostic actually. However, at the climax of my meditational experience, a tunnel or vortex became visible and it took all of my concentration to "focus it" ... then, I could feel it "attach" to my mind and I was able to enter it. While there, I began to weep and feel the presence of God even though I never before actually believed in it. I purified my heart and continued to feel love for all things unconditionally ... a feeling that I had been culminating for weeks. I went all the way through the tunnel and came out in another world, another dimension where the physical body does not exist. I saw the face of God and it was nothing but pure love and infinite understanding in the form of a large, glowing, bluish face with human-like but not human features. I asked it if we could do philosophy and this was granted and I spoke with it for what seemed like many hours ... then, I was granted access to many visions of different times and places. I was granted access to "becoming" many things in many places. In this place, all wishes are granted and the "feeling" of being here was better than any human pleasure I have encountered, and, trust me, I have encountered many human pleasures in the pursuit of enjoyment of this form. Now, everything has changed.


Anthony P. Iannini

"One good deed is worth a thousand prayers." – Zarathustra

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