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Flying OBEI would like to share what I believe to have been an NDE which I experienced in 1992. I was celebrating my 19th birthday with a few friends. We were drinking and smoking things and got quite 'out of it' as they say. Having said this, please don't automatically assume that what I experienced was a product of the nights activities, I am certain that it wasn't. The night passed into the small hours, we had build a huge fire in the back yard and sat around it enjoying ourselves. Sometime in the small hours I needed to go to the bathroom and staggered inside. In the bathroom the light was off and the switch was a long string that was attached to the roof. I reached out to switch it on, missed it, and fell on the floor cracking my head against a porcelain wash basin. 

I then fell to the floor though I remain uncertain as to whether I blacked out or not. I imagine that I must have because the next thing I remember (and in retrospect this seems to be highly symbolic of the "rockstar wanna be" lifestyle I was leading at the time) being surrounded by dozens of pairs of polished Dr. Martins boots and suddenly they were booting me as hard as they could. I could feel my body convulsing on the ground and all I could see with total clarity were these polished boots kicking me. Their owners' bodies were shrouded in darkness but the boots gleamed. I was terrified and totally powerless. I lay there helplessly as they continued kicking me, extremely mercilessly and extremely hard. 

And then something exited my chest. Its hard to describe exactly what it was or what it felt like but it was a real presence, a definite feeling. Perhaps terms like "life force" or "energy" come closest to trying to describe what it was, but it seemed to contain my personality as well. Again, its extremely difficult to describe except that it was a real sensation of something immaterial leaving my physical body. This "force", for lack of a better word, then positioned itself in the corner of the bathroom ceiling (the bathroom was in darkness) and I stared down on my own motionless body, skinny and frail and apparently lifeless. This force which seemed to contain something of me certainly an awareness that "I" was no longer in my body, then moved at an amazing speed through somewhere black, like space in its vastness. And in the distance there was a horizon of light, a light so white and pure and clean. This part that somehow seemed to be me raced toward it at an amazing speed and then inexplicably slowed as we neared the light, and then retreated. A few "seconds?" later I felt "myself?" re-enter my body. I sat up, alive, and quite stunned by the experience. 

I don't know if this qualifies as an NDE as you mean the term but the experience was real. I didn't see other people or any other "beings" as others have reported but I would certainly go so far as to say that I retained self-awareness as this strange part of me exited my body and that for a short time I gazed down on my body knowing whose it was and even feeling pity for it. Like other reports who describe the deep sense of peace I too would testify to this. The experience was staggering. It still staggers me. The aspect of the experience that has stayed with me more than any other is a certain deep sense of peace, and of security, a certain knowing of something very very special. Love must indeed be the answer. 


"I still live. Pretty." - famous last words of Daniel Webster

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