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My name is Michale Thomas Carey, a 38 year old male. In 1967, a four year old boy was on an afternoon outing with his siblings and babysitter. Parents being away for the day was cause enough to spend the afternoon out of the house. Not sure why he left the safety of the familiar surroundings, the boy followed the group in hopes of new discovery. When the day was complete, the babysitter had decided to cut the trip short and take a path not normally taken by people. The group arrived at an opening in a fence line at the top of a large hill and at the far end was another fence line at the top of another hill. You see the boy, babysitter and the boys siblings were staring down at what would be the one of the cities busiest freeways in its birthing stage.


The freeway had been completed enough for the cities population to use, but, had not been used extensively as of yet. Most traffic had been accustomed to using the highway, leading north to weekend getaways.


The babysitter didn't think twice about using this as an alternative route to return the boy and his siblings safely home. What ensued at the bottom of the hill would change a four year old boy's life forever. This 4 year old boy, if you had not guessed, was myself.


A lot of what happened when reaching the bottom of the hill is still blurry. From what I have been told by my siblings and parents, it is amazing that I made it through on of the most trying and most cherished times of my life.


The babysitter had crossed the freeway and had motioned for the five boys, including myself, to hurry across. As I stood, watching what was happening, confusion set in as I had been told on many occasions to not cross the street unless my hand was being held. A lot of coaxing took place in a very short amount of time, and I had decided that it must be safe if a couple of my brothers had began to run across. (From here, to a certain point, the story had been injected by family members.)


On my way across the freeway, a vehicle had appeared. And then another. The person in the first vehicle had no way of knowing what was about to take place. Alcohol and driving a stolen vehicle made him care even less.


The vehicle had been speeding at the point of impact. You see, he had been being pursued by his first victim - the owner of the vehicle he had recently stolen. The impact had caused me to be catapulted into the air somewhere in the vicinity of 100 feet, leaving my shoes on the ground. Without a second thought, the first vehicle had vanished, as if into thin air. The horror that engulfed everyone who witnessed this scene still lies within my brothers and my hero. God wanted me to have a choice and left in place several factors.


Without any concern for what he had just lost, the second driver had pulled over and placed me in his vehicle. Formerly named Ramsey Hospital had been only within five minutes from the scene. The second driver had dropped me off and I never knew who this person was.


The hospital happened to have a specialist in when I arrived who performed the delicate operation and fight to save my life - not knowing that it was not his decision to make whether or not I would live after applying all of his talents to a very grim situation.


As I said, I do not recall much of what happened on this day. What I do recall, I recall as if it happened earlier today.


A bright light had appeared and nothing was said. There were no voices. Comfort consumed me and I had to follow this light. I was not sure what was happening to me and it did not concern me. I recall looking down in the operating room where my physical self lay.


At this point, I had been given a choice. Remember, that there were no spoken words. Language, time, site (as we know it) and physical presence were not part of the world I was existing in, only emotions - powerful, calming, beautiful emotions. There had been no person waiting for me which leads me to believe I had been between the now and forever worlds.


I made my choice based on a feeling, as if I had some play to continue. Something needed to be attended to in this world, in this life. This was not an easy decision to make, even as a four year old boy. I felt an overwhelming want to stay, yet, I knew I needed to return to this world.


The next thing I remember is having my parents by my side. One of them had been holding a malt and I knew I had to have it.


I am not aware of how much time went between these instances and was not fully aware of what had happened to me.


As for the first driver, he was eventually incarcerated. He did not spend much time behind bars from what I am told. He paid a visit to my families residence when I was a teenager. Being that my mother answered the door he had no chance of seeing me. My mother no sooner opened the door, spoke a few words and the door slammed. She was unaware of me eavesdropping at the top of the stairs.


All of us, who have experienced this, feels that there was a reason. The question, I believe, will be answered when we take our place among those who have made the choice to stay and not return to this world. Those of us should not live our lives looking for the answer, for the question will always remain for an answer that may have already been given.


We also do not fear death. Some people who have not had a similar experience say they do not fear death, not knowing what to expect. When it comes, I will welcome it like I had wrapped myself with an old lost blanket for comfort.


I am not and will never be consumed with the thoughts of death and dying. I have been told that there is something different about my approach to life. No matter what happens in my life, there is nothing in this world so terrible that it cannot be mended.


Question: If a scientific fact is based on scientific evidence and that evidence, on this subject, shows that the brain has a chemical reaction in which the brain starts to rely on all of its past experiences (i.e., reading literature or taking in all of the media that is afforded to us.) and this is what is mistaken for NDE, how could the brain of a four year old boy, who had not been exposed to or have an understanding of religion and its media, have a reaction such as the scientists say?


"No heaven can come to us unless our hearts find rest in it today." - Fra Giovanni

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