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Woman in spaceI never knew about voids but Wednesday night I believe I had a near-death experience while sleeping, I do not feel this was a dream. First of all I've been battling mental illnesses such as ADHD, overwhelming anxiety, depression, and asthma/bronchitis. Wednesday I had become overwrought but Pepsi helped. 

After going to bed, I developed an asthma attack and my head was really low on one pillow (I realized this upon waking). I must have stopped breathing for a moment. 

I remember flying through space or so it seemed because of the twinkling lights and then having a speedy life review. I had always feared this but I was able to handle it and in fact it happened so quickly. Others remember details of their review but I don't anymore. I almost wish I could've taken something specific back with me. 

Anyway, the "void" I was taken to was grayish and foggy, almost cave-like. There was a being somewhere to the side or in back of me that I could not see that informed me that I needed to undergo "purification". I was never afraid and in life I always am. Looking back I thought how natural it felt to not have a body to keep one held down. In fact you don't even think of it one way or another in that spiritual state. 

So anyway, I was in suspense because I didn't know what this purification was to be like but as I said there was no familiar panic. I was there but a moment it seemed and then I felt like I was in a vacuum and squeezed up and away (this last part is a bit foggy in my mind) and sped down the tunnel back to my wheezing body. 

I arose stiffly and coughed up with painful gusto. 

I told my mom and used words like abyss, void, life review, purification. She kept trying to change my words but I was insistent although I had never before this knew what a void was. 

I wrote in my journal using those words just knowing they meant something. Then I decide to explore and your web site was the first and most important verification possible I believe. The first page I saw the word Purification in bold letters and when I saw that I wept and my mom came over to me and believed. I didn't see those bold letters after that, it was as if angels were helping to confirm what my soul already knew. I was headed for a losing battle before this experience. I was letting the world kill my spirit. 

I will still stew and fret no doubt but I am grateful for God taking such gentle care of me even though I didn't actually see Him. My soul has definitely been troubled. I want to thank you very much for this research you do and I thought you might be interested in another brief "void" story. Keep up the good work!

Michelle Richardson


Kevin Williams' reply:  Dear Michelle, your experience is very touching and I thank you for sharing it with me. I read a lot about how experiencers find very difficult to explain using words an experience they had which words cannot describe. But there are certain words that do appear frequently that people use without even knowing that many others have also described in the same way. Such is the word "void". From what I have read about the void experience, it is unlike any other experience. For myself, I had to read a great number of NDEs to finally begin to grasp what experiencers meant by "the void". I consider the web page you are referring to concerning the void to be one of my most important web pages on my website, if not the most important. Because it is this initial void experience that many people experience during their NDE which is often the most critical phase of the experience. It is a place of decision. And a perfect place for self-examination. It is where either the light is realized or (I personally believe) where the another decision must be made: Where does your desire want to take you? If it is not an NDE, but actually death, then I believe this is the point you decide which level in the light (afterlife realm) do you want to dwell in. If it is experienced during an NDE, then there is usually no choice but to return and be revived. But in the void, one can perfectly make this decision based on one's one own desire apart from any outside influence (or "love" as Emanuel Swedenborg would say, or "karma" as the eastern religions say). So, the void is the place where you either see the light within you or you don't. And this is why finding the light now in the physical realm (the light is love) is so critical. To get through the void and be drawn into the light after death, you must first realize the light within you before you die. It is merely a matter of discovering the power of love. And you would be amazed at how difficult this is for a lot of people. Everyone has it in them but realizing it is a whole new ballgame. So I believe the evidence from NDE research shows that the human experience is basically an experience of learning to cross this void after death through the self-realization of the light within which teaches us the lessons we need to better experience our true home where we all came from - the highest heaven which is existence purely and fully in the light.

Well, I got a little carried away here. Your experience has brought a lot out of me. I thank you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience and insights with me. God bless.

"Death is nothing else but going home to God, the bond of love will be unbroken for all eternity." - Mother Teresa

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