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Neil Primrose is a drummer with the Scottish rock band named "Travis". The following is the news article by which reported on his NDE:

Neil Primrose had a swimming pool accident that almost cost him his life. Convinced death was near when he saw faces of family and friends flash before him as he began to drown.

Nov 07, 2003, Reported in -- Travis drummer Neil Primrose has spoken for the first time about the swimming pool accident that almost cost him his life. The Scottish star, who broke his neck after diving into to a shallow pool five months ago, says he was convinced death was near when he saw faces of family and friends flash before him as he began to drown.

He told The Sun: "I must have gone in too steeply because I felt this almighty crunch in my neck and realized I'd banged my head. From that moment my life changed. I tried to swim to the surface but couldn't move. I felt myself sinking. I was in limbo but I stayed composed because I knew there were people around the pool.

"I attempted to move but my whole body felt floppy and paralyzed. The seconds ticked and I started to see a tunnel of yellow light appear in front of me."

He continued: "Then, I saw a kind of slide show and there were hundreds of faces flashing past me of people I knew at school who I hadn't thought about for years. I saw images of family and friends and I realized I was coming face-to-face with my death.

"I wouldn't say I was scared but from that moment I started to accept that I was drowning and this was death - and that my life was flashing before me. "It sounds clich but it was a near-death experience - and I was prepared to die. But I thought, 'what a pathetic way to go'. Yet there was nothing I could do because I was paralyzed.

"Then I suddenly heard a voice in my head which assured me that I was going to live. I blacked out but someone saw me on the bottom of the pool just in time and I was pulled out by members of the band and crew. Fortunately, one of them is a trained nurse. He gave me mouth-to-mouth and pumped the water out of me."


Neil then underwent a seven-hour operation and surgeons inserted a two-inch metal plate into his neck. He has been left with a 5-inch scar on the right side of his throat.

"My drumming is good again," he said, "but perhaps not quite as fast. And I haven't really slept properly since it happened because of the pain. I was fit before the accident and that has helped my recovery. I haven't got full movement in my neck and I have to be careful with quick movements.

"It's a surreal thing to have happened to the band but it's made us stronger."

A new track, "Love Will Come Through," will be available to download from Travis' official website from November 15. All proceeds will go to the Spinal Injuries Association.


"When snatched from the jaws of death, tooth marks are to be expected." - Hal Story, near-death experiencer

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