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Dead on a Table

Demons roam the Earth. Beware the skeptics out there. I've had my own experience with them. I'm one of those unfortunate people who woke up in a morgue with a tag on my toe, freezing in a sheet, on a table. The demons were around my table, ready to take me down. Some intern noticed my eyes were open and got me out of there. The stench of sulfur during that experience was overwhelming. 

They said I am a walking miracle at St. Luke's. I had clinically died three times. Then the last time for real - hence, me in the morgue with the tag on my toe. Notice this was not an out-of-body experience for me. This was "eye-opening" reality. Evidently, God Almighty was telling me to get my act together. I'm trying.

Yes, this is a true story. My family can certainly vouch for it.

The surgeon insisted that my father be present in his office for all the brain scan pictures to be shown to him and I, including the explanations that were in order for when I "came back." And why they had me in the morgue.

The surgeon himself could not believe the whole thing. He called me on the phone at my home two times, two years in a row, to ask me how I was doing and feeling. He couldn't get over the fact that it was a miracle. During the session in the surgeon's office, he showed my father and I how I had clinically died three times in a row - the last time for real.

This was shown through the brain scan pictures they had taken. He said, "And here, you are dead - really dead."

Then he showed us a new set, saying, "And then you came back!" He was all excited in his showing us and reliving the experience himself as the surgeon involved - evidently.

You should have seen the face of that intern who came into the morgue and saw my eyes open. I could not move or speak as I was stiff and cold. I'll never forget the look of shock and disbelief that was on his face! He looked like he was ready to die from shock or fright.

Before I opened my eyes in the morgue, I remembered nothing except being in my mind and the situation in the gray area - like purgatory as I've heard it described. I could tell that a decision was being made about me by God Almighty as to what he was going to do with me. It hung in the air, so to speak. I knew that it was a grave moment.

Next thing I knew, I opened my eyes. Then it was as if they were frozen open. I could not blink, move or speak. That's when the demons appeared. The stench was horrible - just as you would think hell would smell like. And yes, there was the overwhelming smell of sulfur everywhere.

The demons were very agitated and I knew in my soul why they were there. The presence of evil is hard to explain. It is far worse than I can possibly describe. These demons were getting more agitated by the minute. This is when I and them realized a big decision was being made. Again, I could tell that the demons usually were not made to wait to claim the person they were there for. 

As the long moments ticked by, the demons became mad and frenzied. I could see that they were beginning to realize that they were maybe not going to be allowed to drag me down to hell after all. God's decision over me hung in the air and I cannot describe to you what that felt like. Then, out of fear of this decision, I passed out.

The next thing that took place was that I opened my eyes again and they froze open again. I was there on the table completely helpless. I could see my chest and knew that I was not breathing, nor had I been during any of this. My eyes were frozen open in the morgue. I knew that I was in a serious position and only God could do something about it. This was when the intern came in and saw me there with my eyes open. He whipped himself into action and started to get me out of there. This is when I passed out again.

There is more to this very complicated story, but I will leave it here. 

Yes, I am a Christian; but at the time this happened to me, I was not being a good one or, even yet, one at all in reality.

This experience did not change me overnight. I was in denial for approximately two years over it. And I disliked that dang surgeon calling me at home to remind me of it. 

But one day I squared off to myself and admitted to myself that, yes, I really had deserved hell at that time. The demons were going to take me down there. By the way, the direction expressed in this experience was that hell really is down.

Well, I've typed enough about this now. You get the picture.

I do not have nightmares. This whole experience was a lesson to me from God Almighty. To use the name "nightmare" is to humbly remember what God did for me by giving me a second chance. 

What did the demon forms look like? Just as you would expect them to look like: deformed, ugly, big, beast-like, evil infested, agitated, frenzied, human-like forms. Actually, Hollywood does a great job of imitating them in their movies. A person does wonder where they get their ideas from. I'll give ya one guess.


"We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of hell together." - Mellen-Thomas Benedict

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