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OBE womanPam Barrett was leader of the New Democratic Party of Alberta, Canada. Her political life involved adversarial relationships with the opposition party, chasing money for the next campaign, and trying to improve her looks for the best camera shot. But on that day, Pam's life took a dramatic turn. She went to her dentist to have veneers put on her front teeth so her smile would be beautiful for the upcoming election. 

After being anesthetized, and while the dentist was still working on her teeth, Pam suddenly felt extremely ill. She sat bolt upright in the chair and told the dentist, "I'm going to die." She fell back into the chair, and later bolted upright again saying to her dentist, "I'm going again." She'd had an NDE. 

When she came back, still dazed at what happened, and clearly caught between the world of spirit and our earthly reality, she asked the dentist if he could finish the last veneers before the ambulance arrived! 

At the hospital, Richard, a staff person, explained to Pam that she had suffered an allergic reaction to the anesthesia. He promised to stay with her until her condition improved. While talking with Richard, Pam left her body and found herself floating at the ceiling, looking down at both Richard and her own body. She was amazed that she seemed to be in two places at once, like a split screen. When she slipped seamlessly back into her body, she felt as if she was punched in her solar plexus by God and told, "Get on a new path." Pam got the message loud and clear. 

The next day, right after leaving the hospital, she quit the Alberta Legislature and began an inner journey to assimilate what had just happened to her. Because she was a public figure, the media went into hyper mode trying to get information. She finally agreed to a live TV interview on February 7th. A surprise guest on the show was Chris Lovelidge, leader of the Friends-of-IANDS chapter in Vancouver. Chris validated Pam's NDE. 

In the following days, Pam received 750 emails, almost as many letters and packages, and she stopped counting after 450 phone calls. Strangers sent Bibles, the Koran, and other religious material to help her on her spiritual search. One of the emails was from an experiencer named Cody, who eventually became her mentor and best friend. He listened, helped her fill in the blanks, and helped her get through the rough spots. 

PMH Atwater's research indicates that it often takes around seven years for an experiencer to fully integrate the NDE into their life. As a two-time experiencer myself, I can say that if every experiencer had a friend like Cody, the time it takes to assimilate an NDE would be lessened, allowing the experiencer to get on much more quickly with their soul's purpose for coming back. 

Because of her NDE, Pam told the conference, she sees life now from a vastly different perspective, one she calls �the hologram of existence.' She explained this by referring to an old-time kaleidoscope, containing bits of colored paper. As the kaleidoscope turns, each piece of paper interacts with every other piece of paper. In the hologram of life every thought, positive or negative, affects everyone in the universe. Therefore, after her NDE, Pam could no longer stay in the adversarial world of politics. "War is bad and the legislature was nothing but war. It doesn't have to be that way in politics, but in our system it is, period." She does not judge other people, she said, "I learned to stop judging and to start doing what's right in life. What's right in life is to cultivate enlightenment; and everybody gets there by their own path."

In the question-and-answer period at the end of her talk, someone asked Pam if a country or the world would be different if leaders were near-death experiencers. Pam replied, "If there was an experiencer running the country or the world, there wouldn't be a lot of lying going on. That's for sure."

"I believe there are two sides to the phenomenon known as death, this side where we live, and the other side where we shall continue to live. Eternity does not start with death. We are in eternity now." - Norman Vincent Peale

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