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One day, I started feeling very ill. Even when I got sick, I continued to go to work. Well, this "cold" lasted quite awhile, so I went to the doctor and he said to go home, get rest and drink plenty of fluids. I stayed out of work a half day.


Each day got worse. I felt really bad, but continued to go to work. I was well liked (except for the other secretaries who's toes I stepped on), and on my way up to the corporate building. I was a stenographer and an excellent secretary.


The day my near-death experience happened, I came home from work and went straight to bed. It was February, 1980. I was so COLD, FREEZING! I must have put 7-10 blankets on me.


The next thing I knew was that I lost consciousness. All I saw was pitch black and I mean BLACK!  I heard a rasping like noise. I can't really explain it.

Then, I saw light. It was beautiful and I floated towards it.


I came out on the gorgeous field. I cannot begin to explain how beautiful it was. Green, lush, gorgeous. Vivid colors. Far across this field was an old-fashioned carousel. It could have been hundreds of miles but I could see like it was right in front of me. It was breathtaking and beautiful. On this carousel, were several ladies all dressed in pastel colors with floor-length summer-like dresses, and each held a parasol. I could feel the peace and tranquility. The day was sunny and extremely bright and warm!


I just sat there on this field watching these ladies in awe. Yet, I was still cold and shivering. One of these ladies got off the carousel and walked across the field to me. No words were spoken. She just took my hand and I immediately felt great! I also felt unconditional love.


I stopped shivering and I felt sooooo good! I've never felt that wonderful before. Words cannot adequately express the way I felt.


She had such a beautiful and loving smile. She just kind of shook her head as if to say, "No" and let go of my hand. When she did that I started shaking and screaming, "I don't want to go back!."


I immediately found myself in the tunnel of darkness again.


The next thing I knew was that I was in the hospital. I had a fever of 104.3 and double pneumonia. I was very ill for about 3 months.


I've never forgotten one detail of this experience.

"Despise not death, but welcome it, for nature wills it like all else." - Marcus Aurelius

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