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I live near Jackson, Mississippi and I'm 50 years old. I found your website by chance today and would like to relate an incident from my childhood to you. Also, I would like to thank you for allowing me to tell my experience as it has been painfully clear that my family thinks I'm lying or nuts or both. This is what happened.


As best as I can describe it, I can never come close to the magnificent experience of actually being there.


I was suffocated by an adult male at the age of 8. My brother-in-law was baby-sitting me for a couple of hours. I was sitting on a sofa when he came and sat next to me and placed both hands on my arms near my shoulders and slowly pushed me flat. I assumed he wanted me to just take a nap even though I thought, "How silly. I'm not a baby anymore and don't have to take daytime naps like a toddler."


He had a blank expression on his face. I then thought, "Well, he's going to take a nap too."


He continued to lower himself on top of me and he still had a grip on my arms holding them firmly to my sides which puzzled me because I wasn't fighting him or struggling and it sort of hurt. I first felt my face get very hot thinking he is going to fall asleep on me. I struggled in vain to turn my head but the crushing weight of his body did not allow me any movement whatsoever. The buttons on his shirt felt as if they were smashing through my face. I struggled with all my might as I could not breath out nor in. I felt myself getting panic stricken as I thought to myself, "I can't breath!"


Then I felt myself falling as if the surface of the sofa swallowed me. I fell for what seemed to be a long time through a black tunnel. Then abruptly I stopped falling and found myself where there was absolute nothingness, a black void.


I ran in one direction for what seemed like a long ways and then I went back in what I thought was the direction I came from. Again I did this in the opposite direction. One more time I did this and finally I came back to the original place I perceived as my starting point. It was vastly black with no light whatsoever. Never once did I see a light. I thought to myself, "Where are my hands ... where are my feet?"


While trying to look and feel for my physical self, I sensed a presence, an entity of no form to my right. I communicated a question to him, "What happened?" I was still looking for my hands.


By thought alone, this entity said, "You're dead."


There was a dry, flat feeling to this entity's reply as if it almost enjoyed in the telling of this information to me. I was shocked. As soon as the realization hit me, it was as if something immediately placed me into this clear white bright light.


I felt as if I was in a huge stadium or amphitheater. It was wonderful and here is where I have a truly hard time explaining how marvelous it is. I felt absorbed by love and compassion and that all was well. The sound of ringing like when you run a wet fingertip around a crystal glass emanated from in and out but more beautiful, more ethereal than any adjective I can think of. There I stayed for what seemed like only a moment when I felt someone pushing my shoulder. I awoke into reality.


I was balled up on my right side in a fetal position on my sister and brother-in-law's bed on top of the lavender blue spread in their bedroom still fully clothed in my Buster Brown corduroy pants and striped pullover.


Six hours had passed as it was almost sunset and my sister had left just after noon time. I felt so cold and was shaking with rigors and my teeth chattered. My older sister was bent over me and said, "What's wrong with you?" I didn't know. I just felt very cold.


She left the room to get a thermometer and reappeared and asked me to open my mouth so that she could see if I had a fever. I managed to do that and the reading was below normal and she commented on the fact that I had no fever but that she didn't leave it in long enough and she tried again. This time she got a puzzled look on her face and said that it was still low. She picked me up off the bed and carried me to the bathroom and undressed me and ran a warm bath for me all the while I was shaking and my teeth chattering.


I seemed to not be me. I sat in the warm water trying to figure out what happened. It must have been a bad dream and I dismissed it and continued on with my life as a child. The memory still would come back to me, of that all encompassing love, throughout my life. I have no logical explanation other than anoxia or lack of oxygen to the brain caused me to experience some kind of near-death experience.


I joined my church very shortly after that incident and was baptized and became an avid Holy Bible reader. In fact, I became an avid reader in many subjects as they all fascinated me. Thank you again for allowing me to tell my experience.




P. Anderson.

"We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of hell together." - Mellen-Thomas Benedict

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