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I am deaf. I believe Lord Jesus with all my heart. I died three times. I thought maybe you would like to know that.


Once, when I was a baby (one month old) an angel took me to heaven. Jesus was holding me and I couldn't see his face because it was too bright. I saw children around me while Jesus was holding me. I found out that I died for 20 minutes. It shows in my file at the hospital.


In 1992, I died outside on the ground and an angel took me. Things went too fast and confusing. I saw my children call for help. I saw my husband trying to help me. I touched his back but he didn't hear me or feel me.


An angel took me and things went too fast. I looked back and saw the Earth. I knew I was dead. Then I saw myself in white robes and looked at my hand.

I said, "Why can I hear my own voice for the first time in years?"


I saw an angel pass me. I was ready go to the light.


Suddenly, the voices said, "It is not your time. Go back. I've got work for you to do."


I went back. I saw my own blood inside of my body. I slapped my husband in the face and said, "I want go to heaven."


He said, "No, I need you here with me. Your face was blue and I knew you were dead."


I was taken to hospital. The doctor didn't believe that I was dead. I told him to give me a test and find out. He did find out that the test showed I was dead for five minutes.


In 1994, I had food poisoning and was rushed to the hospital at nine pm. I laid on the hospital bed and my spirit rose out my body. I was on top of my body and didn't know it. My soul went back into my body. Five nurses ran over to me.


They said, "You were dead. On the computer it said the lines were dead. Are you alright?"


I said, "Yes," with a laugh. This all I can think of."

""People are born to become angels" - Emanuel Swedenborg

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