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Peace Pilgrim walked and spoke continuously across America from 1953 until her death in 1981. "Walking until given shelter and fasting until given food," she carried a simple yet powerfully enduring message of peace. A few of her friends later gathered her writings and talks into this first-person account of her experiences and beliefs. Peace Pilgrim has become a spiritual classic, with over half a million copies in print in nine languages. Includes news clippings, questions and answers, photographs, index. You can read more about this remarkable woman at her website:


While her experience may not be classified as a full blown NDE, she was clearly on her way out at the time and I believe with all of my heart that her experience is extremely valid.

The Change Called Death

Life is a series of tests, but if you pass your tests you'll look back upon them as good experiences. I look back on all of my tests as good experiences, including the night I faced death in a blinding snowstorm. It was the first year of my pilgrimage and the most beautiful experience I ever had.

I was walking in a very isolated section of the high mountains of Arizona where there was no human habitation for many miles. That afternoon there came a surprising snowstorm, out of season. I have never seen such a storm. If the snow had been rain you would have called it a cloudburst. Never had I seen snow dumped down like that!

All of a sudden I was walking in deep snow and was unable to see through what was falling. 

Suddenly I realized that the cars had stopped running. I supposed they were getting stuck on the highway and unable to pass. 

Then it got dark. There must have been a heavy cloud cover. I could not see my hand before my face and the snow was blowing into my face and closing my eyes. It was getting cold. It was the kind of cold that penetrates into the marrow of the bone.

If ever I were to lose faith and feel fear, this would have been the time, because I knew there was no human help at hand. Instead, the whole experience of the cold and the snow and the darkness seemed unreal. Only God seemed real - nothing else. 

I made a complete identification -- not with my body, the clay garment which is destructible -- but with the reality which activates the body and is indestructible.

I felt so free. I felt that everything would be all right, whether I remained to serve in this Earth life or if I went on to serve in another freer life beyond. 

I felt guided to keep on walking, and I did, even though I couldn't tell whether I was walking along the highway or out into some field. I couldn't see anything. My feet in my low canvas shoes were like lumps of ice. They felt so heavy as I plodded along. My body began to turn numb with cold.

After there was more numbness than pain, there came what some would call an hallucination and what some would call a vision. 

It was as though I became aware, not only of the embodied side of life where everything was black darkness, bitter cold and swirling snow, but also so close it seemed I could step right into it, of the disembodied side of life where everything was warmth and light. 

There was such great beauty. It began with familiar color, but transcended familiar color. It began with familiar music, but transcended familiar music.

Then I saw beings. They were very far away. One of them moved toward me very quickly. When she came close enough, I recognized her. She looked much younger than she had looked when she passed over.

I believe that at the time of the beginning of the change called death, those nearest and dearest come to welcome us. I have been with dying friends who have stepped over and I remember well how they talked to their loved ones on both sides, as though they were all right there in the room together.

So I thought my time had come to step over and I greeted her. I either said or thought, "You have come for me?" But she shook her head! She motioned for me to go back! And just at that exact moment, I ran into the railing of a bridge. The vision was gone.

Because I felt guided to do so, I groped my way down that snowy embankment and got under the bridge. There I found a large cardboard packing box with wrapping paper in it. Very slowly and clumsily in my numb condition, I managed to get myself into that packing box, and somehow with my numbed fingers managed to pull the wrapping paper around me. 

There under the bridge, during the snowstorm, I slept. Even there shelter had been provided; but provided also was this experience.

Had you looked at me in the midst of the snowstorm, you might have said, "What a terrible experience that poor woman is going through." 

But looking back on it I can only say, "What a wonderful experience in which I faced death, feeling no fear, but the constant awareness of the presence of God, which is what you take right over with you."

I believe I had the great privilege of experiencing the beginning of the change called death. So now I can rejoice with my loved ones as they make the glorious transition to a freer living. I can look forward to the change called death as life's last great adventure."

Peace Pilgrim

"And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance." - Kahlil Gibran

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Book about Peace Pilgrim

About Peace Pilgrim's book:

This book was compiled by 5 friends of Peace Pilgrim in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1982, the year after her glorious transition. It is composed mainly in her own words. The exceptions are the introduction, reproduced newspaper articles and comments by people she met while on her 28 year pilgrimage for peace. To keep file sizes manageable the book is presented in chapters. At the end of each chapter you will find a link that will take you either back or forward a chapter, back to this page, or back to the main information page.


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