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It was in the early morning, I had fallen off the ladder outside and broke my leg. The doctor in the ER said I would need surgery to properly set it due to such a severe break. A specialist was notified. I was prepped and taken to surgery. I can barely remember getting on the table under the lights and counting backwards.


I felt a peace unlike anything I had ever felt before. My heart seemed to be racing. I was becoming more excited and lighter to the point of floating.


I saw indescribable beauty. Things looked almost like a soft water color painting, blending the colors together around the edges. There were trees, flowers, birds, a stream of water, but unlike anything I have ever seen on this Earth. It smelled like fresh rain water and flowers all rolled up in one.


I was surrounded by a presence, a provider of peace and it seemed to communicate with me on a higher level of understanding than mere words. I saw a child before me and I knew he was a child I had lost so many years before. There were others in this place. I could smell my grammas scent and in my heart, I could hear grandpa's deep warm voice. Even though I knew without a doubt the people I had joined had passed from my life years before, we were more alive then ever before.


The presence gave me the understanding of having to return and lifted me to a place with a hole, a vision, of a room of people gathered around a table. 

As we were hovering up above them, I could see it was my mortal body they were working on. I pleaded with the presence not to send me back. My spirit grieved unlike anything I had ever felt before. Tears were pouring within my soul. The hole I passed through was sealed behind me. There was no way back to the water colored world of peace.


I felt the racing of my heart, the skipping as it beat, a wave a shock and a blockage in my throat. My eyes were so heavy and when they finally opened, I saw people from my present sitting in chairs around the I.C.U. bed.


Something lives within me. It is hard to explain, but it is warm, bubbly and even giddy at times. It shows me light even in the darkest of times. A soft water colored rainbow comes into my mind's eye during the difficulties in my life. I believe this to be a promise of the presence who rescued me from pain and death.


It was not until a couple of days later that the doctor told me I had an allergic reaction to the meds and it stopped my heart. I carefully tried to ask about what I had experienced and was told it was just a result of the medicine.


Is that what it was?


I know in my very being, I was in the life hereafter. I am still writing down things in my journal that I remember as I go along.


Have you ever had the experience of being there before, even though you know you have never been there? Have you ever had something, a smell, a sound, a touch, trigger a memory from the other side?


Was it the medicine? Am I crazy like my husband and children think I am? NO. It was real! I was there. I saw it. I touched it. I smelled it. I tasted it. I felt it. I heard it. There is a place beyond the hole.


"He who understands nature walks close with God." - Edgar Cayce

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